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Thursday, December 06, 2012


Oh yeah. We watch Duck Dynasty too. Can you say redneck?? ;) There are times tho, that I'd like to give them a haircut and a shave!
Feel better soon...
Cool looking picture...but...what is it??

Oh, my, Sweetie. You are random, but, of course, that's allowed at all times. You might have to import a spider, but at least the lizard is eating well. Take care. Hugs.

Yes! Too dark for pictures, that's my excuse, too. The yarn you sent Cheryl is amazing! You do great work.

A few of those are my fault I'm sure! Also, I arrived at the wake *just* before the entire fire department. How's that for timing? I was in and out in 10.

I don't know what a Duck Dynasty is, but it sounds like something that's going on at Squishy's.

We have your Scottish weather today.

Sorry about your cold. I promise you I didn't send it.

Love the hat. Looks like the "Wurm" hat, which is one of my favorites.

Lurker here. I thought the Wurm hat too... which is weird because that is the FIRST FO I've ever looked at and thought "Hey, I know that pattern." Maybe I can drop my newb status soon!

Great hat! Is it long enough to pull down over your eyes when something disgusting happens?

Um, does the word of the week having anything to do with sewing crotches?

Duck dynasty?
Sewing crotches?
We are finally due for some cooler weather which means we might be able to turn off the AC I the back of the house, and perhaps I won't sleep with the doors and windows open if it gets down into the 30s. 40s are still game.

OMG, I wore a knitted hat and a spripe shawl today because it was freaking cold in the utahr this a.m.. Then I had the same thought, it's too much hand knit and took off the hat. I will not become one of the over wearers. It wasn't that cold ffs.

I dislike gnats, too, but spiders more. I have a few he can munch on in my garage, if he likes!

I hates the colds. When I feel them coming on, I get so pissed off it usually (but not always) scares them off. (And . . . what, exactly IS Duck Dynasty?)

I love Duck Dynasty too... not sure what that says about either of us!

Oddly enough I am working on a cowl infinity thing that looks like that pattern. Great minds. . .

I don't know if you still thinking of changing the banner but I like that flower!!

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