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Saturday, December 08, 2012



Those turned out so lovely. I like the color, too. Toni is lucky to have you, but then so am I!!! Hugs, dumplin'

I do like that color. And that Toni.


Love the color! I knit a pair for myself a few years ago and like the way they fit. You are a very generous knitter, Cookie. Nice work. xoxo

My cold arms and hands thank you!! They are snuggly and warm and gorgeous! I have to fold them back a little to type, but when I'm not typing they're perfect for keeping my fingers warm, too.

Thank you, dearest Cookie xoxoxoxoxox

Ooo, pretty! And such a gorgeous color. I love Paton's Classic Wool. It felts, it comes in great colors and it's relatively cheap...ok...now I sound like a commercial...
Happy Weekend!

That is indeed a very nice color. One of my faves, in fact.

Awesome. I love that color. I'm about to dig out the mitts Cheryl knit for me for our wedding. And possibly some slippers. It's almost cool in the house today!

Yay! Excellent job.

Just Beautiful!!


Lovely and a marvelous color, too!

Pretty patrons colorway, and nice cables!

We had a bit of fun at a coworker today who inexplicably started wearing fingerless gloves this week. When he showed up today, everyone in our work area was wearing a pair of gloves.. Guess who's locker had TEN pairs available? (Although about half actually handknit). Yeah, it was funny.

Not bad at all! Love the color.

Those are beautiful! Love that color. Lucky lucky Toni!

Lovely and you've got a lucky friend. Beautiful color and pattern. I believe I've made a couple of those myself.

I really need to knit those, I've always loved the pattern.

That is a lovely color. If I didn't have to drive almost an hour, I'd go buy some.

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