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Saturday, December 22, 2012


The pants are adorable. Especially that little tilt to the side. Happy Holidays, girl!

Pretty sky!
The hat looks...well...the hat looks wet. ;)
You really DO have Santa's pants!!

Shall I have a limo delivered next month for that thing?

You are such a productive grrl. I am constantly impressed. The sky is lovely. Santa's pants are filled with candy? Whadja expect? Coal? hahahahahahahaha I do amuse myself which is good because I'm not really all that funny!

I can't wait for Santa to show up sans pants!
You know I love the sky. We've had nothing but blue skies this week. Please send snow.

Suckers, no less.
I guessed margene had a naughty side we hadn't seen yet...
Tell Squish yes. A limo always makes it better.

Poor Santa. What will he do without his pants?
I'm sure you will enjoy all of that lovely fiber.

Love the Santa pants bag!

Haha, I love the Santa bag! So full of wtf!

Santa's pants? That's awesome. Now I know what I want for Christmas.

It sounds like you have been doing so much you could just forget about the online things you're behind on and start new later.

Am I supposed to know about next month? If I am, I apologize for my forgetfulness/cluelessness, and if not, just ignore me.

I think I might be a little disturbed by Santa's pants and all of the messages it seems to be sending.


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