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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Thanks for sharing the pattern info. I picked up a sweater pattern that I have been admiring:)
The hat you're working on looks great. I like the color of the yarn. Sorry it sucks.
I really have been feeling defeated this year. I would like a change in attitude so I think I'll work on that.

So cute! Thanks for the link to Tin Can Knits! I picked University Mitts since I'm a sucker for those checks.

Happy cooking (I assume you're not coking but wtf - I don't judge).

I love the pattern. Thanks for the link!!! I downloaded the Antler Cardigan pattern. Love that sweater!!!

Terrible yarn or not, it's lovely!

I considered getting that hat pattern... but went with a sweater. No big surprise there.

Thanks for the link. :) Picked out the antler sweater pattern. I've got the yarn...now I just need the inclination! And to get done with 3 pairs of stranded mittens. o.0
Happy Sunday!!

Happy end of year!

I got the Antler cardigan. I owe some people a sweater.

Happy New Year to you!

That's the pattern I had picked, as well. Love the hat!

Sharing the Love (thank you, Cookie!) is always worthwhile.

Love! I chose the sunflower shawl a few days ago. I'm sure I'll buy a pattern or two from her this year - nice stuff. :)

Thanks for the link. SHe has some really great patterns. I chose the sunflower shawl. I have just the yarn for it too.

Got the same hat. (I won't be using that yarn, though!) ;-)
Happy New Year, Cookie! Here's to a great 2013!

Hey, thanks! I picked the "gramps" sweater, with hopes that I will have a reason to use it in 2013 for a first grandchild! Nice of you to share and I already passed it on.

Thanks, Cookie. Hope your cooking turned out tasty.

I am through sharing the love with this cold, it can go die in a fire. Tired of not sleeping because I'm coughing. bah. Happy new year!

Happy New Year!!


Glad you'll dish on the yarn later.

I considered Sitka Spruce, but because I am crazy, I chose POP blanket. I do like your hat and wonder what is terrible about the yarn.

Changes for 2013? Perhaps, but I'm probably waiting until after Groundhog Day before I make any major decisions. I do like to believe that I am regularly working to improve myself as a person and making corrections where I see they are needed. xoxo

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