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Friday, December 14, 2012


Yes. I always have my eye and mind on what's next.
Your sky photo is lovely.

Such a pretty sky. I, too, am embracing the dark and cold. Not so much productive though. It's that time of year. Can't wait to see both the handspun and the hat!!! Hugs, dumplin'.

Lovely sky! (And a sunset or sunrise changes so fast that it's nearly impossible to catch it . . . by the time you run for the camera!) My daughter's boyfriend likes the dark days, too. He claims, "the day star . . . it burns!"

There isn't much winter to be seen, except for the shorter days, and their days are numbered. :p

Such a pretty picture!
We've got dark and cold to spare...I wish I could put some in a package and send it to you... o.0

Enough to make a girl want to move north of the arctic circle for a while.

"Sunshine :: Bullshit"? Oh, mai.

How beautiful! Must have been spectacular in person.

wait, hats grow?

Just....thanks for a post.Healing, and time. So, not the only one at the moment. Good to hear sometimes. Hug.

Beautiful sky.

Oh yeah, Vitamin D is my friend. I hope.

You'd love it up here, then. We're down to 9 hours of daylight. Since I am apparently solar-powered, this is not so good...

I'm a healing one too. It get's old doesn't it? But wishing you well and happy you're getting back to yourself.

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