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Friday, December 28, 2012


totally that kind of week
lurve ut

Damn, I wish I wore hats! That hat is gorgeous! I may have to knit it anyway.

Happy Friday! Calling for an obnoxious amount of !!! The hat - color - cables - flippy thing - just beautiful!

LOVE the hat...great looking pattern and perfect color. I'd love to be at a wedding where the bride wore red!!

That hat will look so good on you! I love the color. Thank you for telling on yourself. I thought I was the only one who did things like blocking inside out!!! Hugs, dumplin.

Lovely hat. Of course, I love cables because I'm weird. The color is schweeeet too. Blocking? Hats? Are we supposed to? I just throw them at people when I'm done. Yes, throw. After all the hats you have knit lately, you really do need a tag.

LMAO. I was wondering what the bubbles were about. Spiffy Gibbs?

I also have a big giant head and lots of hair. Thanks for the pattern idea. I'm off to pull some wool out of the stash....

Lol. I think I did that with a shawl once. Serves me right for not blocking in the day time! Lovely hat, and gorgeous color. I adore using patons for hats, it's the perfect hat wool.

Great hat!! Looks really comfy as well as nice to look at.

Looks great! That plum heather color is very nice.
Happy friday to you too!

I love the hat! There's something about a hat with well-designed cables that makes it the perfect knitting project - interesting and fun to knit, as well as extremely attractive and useful for keeping one's head warm.

It's a great-looking hat. Love the pattern, love the color. I do like it better with the folded-up brim.

Have to agree with your spiffy!

Gorgeous hat. AND big enough? It's an end of the year miracle!! Now see what you can do about tge fiscal cliff.

Another good looking hat! :D
Happy Saturday...I'm slow again....

Beautiful hat! There is no better review for a pattern than "I have to knit it again".

Love the hat, but who the hell is Spiffy Gibbs?! :O)

Ha, missing cables. And that's why reversible knits are good.

I love the hat and that you are always letting me know about the hats that fit giant heads and lots of hair. I like the color and was just looking at some of that the other day somewhere I think.

As for the UM...get out of my head! xoxo

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