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Monday, December 24, 2012


Looks like you've got Rainbow-in-a-Box. Sweater? Lotsa socksa?

Sheeps! Reminds me of the sheep we had years ago. If I only knew then that I'd be knitting and would know people that would like their wool...I think we threw the last bag of wool away because there was no market for it. And we didn't know any knitter/spinners then. /sigh.
So much pretty yarn! Whatcha making?
Happy Monday/Merry Christmas!

Nice colors and smooth spinning. Have a good week.

And, I was worried you didn't have enough to do;-P Love the sheepy fiber and the yarn is FAB!!! Happy Monday to you, too, dear one!

I knew you'd pick that color first! You've got a lot of spinnin' and knitting' to do. Happy Christmas or whatever. We celebrate it ALL! Why not?

I like the one in the lower right hand corner. Merry Christmas, girl!

Look at all those nice bright colors to liven up the winter doldrums! And the fiber looks awesome.

Merry and Happy to you and yours!
Your singles are gorgeous! Love the yarn!
Enjoy your quiet week:)

Love the colors in your box. Usually they're just bland, but you're BRIGHT!!! oxxo

Is that the foxfire farm sheep shares? Happy colors all in a box. My sister is obsessed with my spinning this year for some reason, asking me at one point if I could make something she saw, then yelling "to the spindle!" I might start yelling that every time I spin

Merry Christmas to you. May your yarn become what you want.

I am insanely jealous of that box of pretty pretty yarn (esp. the center top cake).

I do not need another hobby. I do not need...*sigh*

I'm starting to wonder if we brought along the winter weather from Portland. I'm glad it's eased for you, and that you're feeling better.

mmm, box full of color, my favorite!

Happy xmas to you! I love that box of yarn yummies. Makes a change from the boxes of cookies I'm coveting and consuming...

Love that blue in the left corner especially, but that sheep share is AWESOME. Happy days to you, m'dear.

Mmm-so pretty! This brightens up what promises to be another cold, wet Pacific NW day. Hope you have as much fun knitting it as you did spinning it!

And I'm with Becky-lower right hand corner...love! :0)

Looks like a most excellent screen saver to me!

Lovely spinning. If that's just the top layer, whatcha planning? Must be good.

What kind of sheep are you spinning? It is so pretty and looks like it just must be touched. I also love the color!

Speaking of color, you have so many of them in your box. It speaks of so many possibilities and I can't wait to see what you have planned. xoxo

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