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Sunday, December 16, 2012


You make me so proud!!! It is truly beautiful! You blogged about it!!!

That's a whole lot of work there. Nicely done!

What a flattering color, too. Nice!

Pretty yarn! It's gonna be gorgeous whatever you make...

It might have been 24+ months.


Wow! That's just beautiful!

WOW! That is stunning. I can't wait to see what you make, but no pressure:)

I love the color it became. Also, you are a machine.


What a transformation! So different than expected, but so much more usable and beautiful!

That braid and yarn look totally different and in a good way. You two make a great team!!

So beautiful! You need to make something for yourself out of that!

Absolutely beautiful. ;-)

What a transformation! I love your yarn; it's beautiful.

My brain just exploded. How can I learn to look at picture one and guess that spinning will turn it into picture two? How do you DO that?!

(Yes, it is beautiful!)

Whoa, powers of blending! Would never have thought that color out of such bright Pinks!

I love what it has become. I do not love that seeing that transformation makes me think I need a drum carder ;)

The yarn is gorgeous and your yardage is fabulous! xoxoxo

A sweater!!!! Do you have a sweater you made that you love? Do it again.

Or a colorwork thing. :D That should be our challenge for the new year. I need to do more colorwork and need motivation.

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