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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Drama on Ravelry? I always miss the fun.
Your hat is fantastic! The cables are lovely.

I have managed to continue to miss the Ravelry drama. Sounds just scrumptious. You are on a tear today, Missy;-D Don't stop. And, that hat is stunning, absolutely stunning. Happy Tuesday!!!

Remind me to avoid the post office this week. The lines at my coffee shop are bad enough and people are at their worst when they haven't been caffeinated yet.

The hat is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE cables!

Love the hat! The yarn (and color) you've chosen are perfect for the pattern.
I always miss the dramaz. But, then, I don't go looking in the right places, either...

They can try to be you, but, oh, the epic fail they will soon endure!

Love the cables. Wish I could smoosh them through the screen! xxx

Such a pretty hat! I'll maybe have to try it sometime... :D
Ravelry drama?!? Dang. Missed it.
Happy Tuesday!

May your cables never cause you drama.

Gorgeous hat! Love it. Might need one, but I'd go for the slouchy. I'm not 33 anymore either but who's going to point that out to me? I'm apparently quite scary.
Someone's trying to be you? Should we all go mess with her?
There is no such thing as an Etsy restraining order?

LOVE the hat. Might have to make that one.

Ravelry drama...so fun when you come across it. I wish I could wear a hat because that one is gorgeous! So considering some cable after Christmas...maybe Rogue or I could jump off a cliff and give Fireside a try. What do you think?

Loves the fine print!

And you will have to go back to the post office in 2-3 days, sorry!


Great hat! I think I've used that yarn in the past & really enjoyed it.
People suck.
Drama? I must have missed that.

Fabulous hat. And even more fabulous rant. You must feel much better now. I miss all the drama.

Super cute hat!!! I'm sure the purple is a dream on your head.

I miss the drama on the Rav, but then I don't really try so I shall have to live vicariously. I just wonder what the fuss can be over knitting by adults. Hmm.

Love the hat...just gorgeous. I missed the drama - drama is so much more fun when you are not in the middle of it.

I haven't paid attention to ravelry in ages, but there is always drama to be found, it seems. Gorgeous hat! Love the cables and the yarn.

Good jewelry does not come the mall: Amen.

Gorgeous hat. Just splendid! I can see why you'll be making it again.

Sorry if I bore you but the hat is gorgeous !

Love that hat! The yarn and cables play together so beautifully, and you can't beat that color. The selfies are not easy. I get so many pictures showcasing my nostrils or me looking like I am angry or in digestive distress. I am planning to work on a plan sometime after my time as production elf ends. Also, it requires a trip to an annoying store (or more if I can't find what I need) and I don't plan on going to those for at least a week. xoxo

Fabulous hat! I need a hat, having given away the one I made for myself last winter :( Although the pale gray one on Ravelry, photographed from the top with the cables slightly scrunched together, made me think of brains.

Now that I have planted that image in your brain, my work here is done.

Stay away from the forums. They never end well. I may have to make that hat. Maybe. If I ever get done with all the other hats.

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