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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Yay! You got pictures!
It is impressive looking knitting! I'll learn cables...some day...but not before Christmas. My brain is too full of other stuff right now... *L*

It's so cool! I think the structured shawls are harder to block than lace. I'm finishing one myself and it's gonna be a challenge to block. Pictures after Christmas (of course). And, isn't there always someone like that at the LYS? Most everyone is nice, but there's always one. Hugs, dumplin'!!!

Beautiful! Totally worth the wait for getting the right photos too.

Beautiful! I just love the look of cables!

Magnificent! It looks warm, beautiful, and very wearable!

It looks great, and will be just the right thing. That was so nice of Babbetta to model it for you.
Hmmm. What's that sweater she's wearing? I like the look of those lace diamonds.

I do love cables! Nice. Snarky comments? What a surprise - I'm surprised you didn't kick 'em.

That is beautiful. I think it would be a nice change from lace and stockinette. Oxox

Who's judgy of fabulousness like that? I once remarked that cables seemed intimidating but the LYS lady quickly shot down that notion. What a nice wool for the cables, too. Makes them pop!

Nice! Love the cables :-D

That looks great: cabley, wooly and warm!

What a beautiful piece! Did you smile lovingly at the snarkette? :-)

Is that snarker still breathing? if so, why? and congratulations to you on your fabulous and shocking display of restraint.

Oh, yeah nice cables ;)

Um, someone snarked at you because you knit something pretty? In a KNITTING STORE?

GAWD I hate people. Pretty capelet though. Nice cable photo. /runs

Very nice. I have a similar shawl(ette) called Caireen in my queue. Hope it turns out as well as yours.

That's beautiful! So glad you finally got pics. (And now I have another pattern I want to knit...)

It looks lovely - and knit from the stash in sheepy wool? That's a total win.

Never forget that people suck.

LOVE the cables, very pretty!

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