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Friday, November 30, 2012


Those Jumbo Mint Fudge Sticks look like just the ticket... (Dang cables.)

I hope the cables work out...

But, alas, not a Twinkie to be found. Stupid cables.

I wouldn't eat them either. A banana would be better and would boost the brain. Read the cable pattern and do it one stitch at a time. One stitch at a time. Don't let the cables win.

Does the package of Oreos have cookies wearing stranded knitwear?? The stocking hat is kinda cute....
Good luck with the cables...they won when I tried them but you're a better knitter than me. I know you can make them do what you want!

I have confidence that you will force the cables into submission.

A coworker informed me that there is now chocolate mint soy milk and it is apparently delightful.

I find more post it notes help with cable charts. When I start messing them up, I change color. Then I have wine.

I wonder why they put knitwear on Oreos - cute but rather odd?

You can beat those dang cables...I know you can.

Are you floating away yet? Shall we send a life raft or ark? I hope you are not getting too much of the too much rain. I'm hoping for better weather for you, and not just so you can take pictures of the cabled thing.

The colorwork hat and headband on the Oreo package are mocking me and my slow progress on gift-kniting. Also, I would probably eat all of those things. What's that waving at me? Oh, Hello, PMS.


Do you want to borrow the pontoon?

I want a better look at that Oreo hat...
Just bite those cables back. I know you can.
I'm knitting cables, too. (I'm doing 'Frost'. With alpaca handspun. I may be out of my mind.)

Stay dry, and have a few cookies. I was told by my doctor that glucose is essential for brain operation :-D


Tasty new friends. Except for all the chocolate.

Oh, I'm sure cables will stump you. Ha.

Cables can be such jerks.

I'm surviving a terrible head cold, but even I am suspicious of the jumbo mint fudge stick. I wish they made the old school fudge covered Oreos still. The new ones are just not the same!

Milanos and Oreos, oh my! Too bad they are not gluten-free :(

No cable can beat you, m'dear.

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