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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I want to know about the yarn but since my stash box collapsed from my closet shelf yesterday I don't actually need any more...
Oh, a grocery strike before t-day. That has to hurt. Everyone, in fact. I hope they get what they're striking for.

Wow! Feel better? The absolute worse time to go to the grocery store is the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. It's a zoo and people are insane. Actually, today I'm joining you in the anti-people mood. Don't ask.

Oh god, holiday shopping and driving! I'm surprised the murder rate doesn't skyrocket this time of year. Because rage and stupidity certainly does.

Ugh...the GROSSery store. Worst place on earth. I've been told my picture hangs on the dart board in the baggers break room.;-)

Too bad Ama*on doesn't carry produce. I'd be tempted to order and forgo the grocery stores for the next 8 days.
Have you considered heating the handspun in the oven? :)

Oh god I hope the mankiness didn't come from me.....

You can mail the yarn to me cuz it'd dry here. It's already shocking to walk across the carpet and then touch the light switch. *L*
I thought about shopping for T-day today in Grand Forks but decided against it. Our tiny local grocery may just get all of my holiday shopping this time...
Waiting to see the finished sweater. :D

You KNOW you can send me your crappiest stuff and it will be loved and made into something that will ultimately made into a much loved other thing. Felting is always an option. You sound spunky today... Love it when you're spunky and sassy...

I love Whining on Wednesday. I think this should be a thing. (Also, I hate grocery shopping ANY day, but I would especially hate shopping with all those fake-Chanel bag people. . .)

A finished sweater! I can't wait to see it.
Grocery shopping is pure torture. We have one here that I'm sure is purgatory.

My particular favorite is when someone stands in the middle of the aisle looking at something, refusing to move when you're right on top of them. When they are the elderly, I say nothing, but now I just ask them if they'll move, which is often met with snarling. Love people! I like the idea of pinning your new sweater atop it's inspiration piece. Hugs, hunny. I was a bit horrified this past Monday when I found out that Thanksgiving is a week from today. eep.

Yay! So glad that you're happy with the sweater! We definitely need some photos. It's been taking twice as long for my sweaters and swatches to dry this week. Must be winter.

do you shop at Market Basket too?

I think National Hypocrisy Week should be an official thing. I might have a few people who could be the honorary poster children for it.

Show us the damned sweater already! Pinned on a sweatshirt, blowing in the wind, draped over the dog, we don't care. We just want to tell you how wonderful it is. (I know it is, don't argue.)

If there are people picketing the grocery store, is that reason enough to take a pass on cooking the traditional turkey/stuffing/etc? If so, I would skip it in a heartbeat. Pizza for everyone! No hours in the kitchen! No massive cleanup afterwards!

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