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Sunday, November 18, 2012


All tied up in cables.
Flipper feet are wide and flat? Iffin you ever get bored I know a guy with skinny six 14 who complains about never having socks. ;) (not that he values knitting enough (yet) to deserve them...) pretty hats!

Six = size.

I completely understand, dumplin', but let's not forget that you did a huge amount of knitting roundandroundandroundandround. Huge hugs, Sweetie!

Not that Kitten is fishing, or anything like that.

The socks and hats are great!

I love those socks! They look super comfy. Mr Squishy is very lucky.

I was able to flirt with Squishy when she posted a picture of her wearing the red hat ;-)

Yikes, I have no desire to knit big socks. I'm still burned out socks after the year I decided to make them for the whole family.

2 hats? When something works, it works. Sometimes it's just better to do something you know works.

Thank you again. He understands the value of knits. Especially after the "I figured you'd find it when you did the wash" incident. At least he has enough hats that he's not afraid to wear and "wreck" them. Although I think the blue one is now his permanent work hat. O.o


I knit socks for my size-13-flipper-monster-feet son once. You can knit more love in big socks. That's all I can say about it.

At least you're knitting (and spinning)...I'm going nowhere fast.

I'm very happy that Madman and I both have very small feet...

I'm about to embark on some hat knitting. It might be because of the layer of frost that's been on the ground for days and days. *sigh*

Wonderful knits!
Can't think of a thing to say...to much going on here and it's affecting/effecting (don't know which letter it is) my brain.

Yeah, when you do that much love-knitting, I think you are entitled to the picture without permission.

I really love the color of the socks!

Hope the cabled thing is being nice to you now. xoxo

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