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Friday, November 16, 2012


Congrats on the sweater! That's one hill I have yet to climb... and the whole reason I started spinning in the first place. I was under the illusion that spinning your own yarn would be cheaper than buying the yarn already made. Oi!

It looks great! Wins are always wonderful. Especially with sweaters.

It's wonderful! I love how the color changes...and it's BFL?...I love that stuff. So soft...It's gonna be better than a sweatshirt!

I love it. You remind me that I have my own version of the oversized sweatshirt sweater, and that today is the perfect day to wear it. Didn't make mine from homespun, though. That takes yours to a whole 'nother level.

Finally, you knit a sweater. Well done and worth the wait!

A Cupcake sweater, and in such lovely greens. How glorious! I am both very impressed and filled with covetousness.

Gorgeous sweater!! Don't you love making something that you envisioned.

Hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand-knit, well fit, it doesn't get better than that!!

Awesome. And anyways, you should know that the latest trend in portraiture is to take a pic of yourself in the mirror of a public bathroom. Bonus points if you catch someone doing something weird/gross in the background.

I -LOVE- it! It's perfect.
The subtle stripes and color changes are beautiful.

Cute! I think the color is so pretty. I suspect it's soft and cuddly but I can't feel it through the screen.


Very nice! It's smaller than the oversized sweatshirt, but that's probably a good thing? I love the greens. Looks like a new wardrobe staple!

Gorgeous sweater!!!

Love me a boatneck! Lovely sweater and great color. I hope you wear it (out) well. :-)

I love it. The shaded flow of color is so pretty!

GORGEOUS!!!The shading is fabulous.

Looks perfect! Love the color(s)!

Oh, hunny. It's simply fabulous! I love it. The colors are wonderful and I know you'll love it almost as much as the sweatshirt. I must say that at least your huge ugly sweatshirt isn't the awful khaki green that mine is. $3 value and I have never owned anything warmer. I believe it's because there are absolutely no natural fibers in it, so it acts like a huge baggie (I have no way of knowing and refuse to do the burning test:-P). You do so need another handspun (I LOVE THAT YARN) sweater for yourself. Hugs!!!!!

You knit a beautiful sweater!! I am sure it looks so much better on you than that sweatshirt you love.
I have missed checking in on you. Too much life around here. hugs

Lol, hell hath no fury like a sweater knitter with proper gauge! Go get 'em! Lovely handspun, great FO!

Lovely! A beautiful color green as well!

quite the purty thang. Meee low gustah.

Well done!

Oh, thanks! It IS a fabulous sweater. I love the slightly variegated greens. Hurrah for comfy sweaters!

It is indeed a lovely sweater. Joan does amazing things with color. Thankfully, she batted it for you! And you...spinning and knitting it all. What an accomplishment. Seriously.

I love it. It looks so soft and comfortable and the color is gorgeous. I can't wait until I get good enough to spin yarn that I can actually use.

Yay! It looks awesome.

I think I shall call this your Princess Sweater because I misread the post title as Princess in Suburbia.

I love your new sweater, and glad it will be snuggling you for many years. xoxo

finally catching up on blogs...and sweater is stunning. Nothing like handspun. Wear it in good health!

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