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Thursday, November 08, 2012


I'd be delighted to have some of your hand-spun "problems" dumped on my doorstep! That yarn is gorgeous. Love the minty-goodness of that sleeve, too. And the bag.

Swimming in handspun are we? I know the feeling well. I've been digging into my stash in an effort to reduce it but I keep finding I don't have enough for a project and I have to buy more to finish it. Good luck! Oh, and the sleeve is lovely.

The way you spin, girlie? Seriously? It's always more gorgeous than you know, but you're done with it, right? The sweater is so purdy and the bag is fab. Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

You know...if you visited Canada, you could actually wear the mittens you're always tempted to knit... ;)

(though with the weird weather we've been having lately, you'd skibble off back to California pretty damn quick. I'm not sure that WE even want our weather!)

That handspun, and the sleeve, are gorgeous :)

Love the bag and the sleeve looks cozy and comfy.
If you travel so far as my house, I'd be happy to find yarnie goodness on my doorstep! :)
Larry the cat reminds me of the kitty that owned my heart when I was a kid...

Gorgeous yarn! I wish I had your handspun yarn problem:)
The sleeve and the bag are fabulous!

I think you're going to see lots of hands waving in the air today. The handspun is gorgeous, of course.

Yay for the sweater! (And the cute bag.)

You can come here anytime and leave your hand spun. If you do, I'll cook you dinner and you can stay the night.
The sweater is lookin' good!

I like weird . . . that may not sound right. As for the sleeve, I'd be happy to take that off your hands if it becomes a problem child. I have always believed that cats (however little I like some of them) are phenomenal judges of character!

You'd have to let Angie and I know in advance. Just sayin'. Especially if Texas gets the attack llama. O.o

So many things today. East coast lodging available if you're dropping handspun. Larry! We have a cat in the neighborhood named Larry - he thinks he's a dog. What I wouldn't do to be able to knit a sleeve in a day! (In a week!) ;-)

Like leaving zucchini?

Your handspun is, as always, gorgeous.
Thank you for the Larry links, I enjoyed them this morning. Ugh, I just sound stilted today. Better quit now. Hope you are doing well.

Take 80 over the hill, west on 37 and west on 116. Call me I'll give you more directions. I've got cake if you make it here soon.

Let me know when you plan that road trip and I'll send you a Google map to my house. Just sayin'...

I totally read "throw bone down" and was wondering if I should risk JFGI.
Larry is a pretty cat and the woman in pic 11 is wearing the ugliest shoes on the planet.

Do you need my address so that you know where to leave some?! I'd be happy to oblige.

I'll know it's you.

and snickers on the Larry link!

Hmm, a peek at a sweater sleeve is nice, but leaves me wanting more.

1400 yards? That's a whole lot of spinning & plying. And I thought I had a good spinning day.

I solved my problem of drowning in handspun yarn (temporarily) by taking a bunch to knitting retreat to sell. Since I bought more fluff & I'm making more yarn, I may need to rinse & repeat. And knit with some myself too.

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