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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


You make me smile, Cookie. I'm the same way. I call it Knit-It-and-Forget-It (sort of the knitter's version of Ring-and-Run).

Annis is on my list of things-I-want-to-knit-soon. On the other hand, it's been on that list since the pattern came out. Which has been a while ago.
Maybe I'll get to it sometime this century.
I knit a lot of things for the sake of knitting them, not for the sake of having them. All about the process...

So pretty. I understand how you feel, but I do remember that I knit something for a couple of years, then I can't remember if I knit it or someone else did. And, the patterns? No way can I remember which one it was. Hugs, Kiddle!!!

I'm only really into a project while I'm working on it. After it's done, it's so last year. I'm absolutely a process knitter.

Sounds like me and reading books. I've started keeping a list of what I've read so I don't accidently reread something! ;) Occasionally there is one that stands out but basically they are time fillers...
The scarf, the hat and the minion are all pretty cool tho!

I blog so I can remember what I knit and what I did. Even that is pretty thin most of the time.
Annis and all are wonderful.

I feel the same way about my finished projects. Once off the needles their fate is out of my hands. Your Annis is gorgeous! I keep telling myself to knit one.

I don't remember what I did last week. Sometimes not even what I did yesterday.

Yeah, I get out my winter knits and think "I knit that?" If it weren't for Rav, I'd be knitting the same patterns over, and over and over again. Oh and some people can't keep useless info out of their heads! Important stuff, like a tetnus shot before onset of symptoms... can't remember. That I knit Clapotis in 2005? Got that one down.

Feh. Early onset Alzheimer's?

I remember pretty much everything I knit, the yarn I used, the pattern. Not because I want to, I just can't help it! But when it comes to remembering other things, I can't remember anything.

"Occssaionally over it before the cast off but that's another post for another time."

Yeah that's me probably 3 rows post cast on :(

Me...very few details as well. Half the time I don't even know what the notes I left myself mean! Knitting wise or whatever else! There are sooooooooo many shiny objects around!

It's like the knitting version of when you drive home and realize you don't remember anything about the drive! Just in the zone. I have made some baby hats this year, but still have yet to put them on ravelry(and didn't even take photos now I think about it). Oh well

I give away most of the things I knit, except for maybe the socks. I don't remember the yarn or the pattern or how hard/easy it was. Why would I?

I can generally not remember what I'm knitting ten minutes after I put it down. Saves on the UFO guilt that way, for sure. Plus, the stash is always new and exciting.

I like knowing what I've knit, and what I used to knit it. Just in case I want to do it again, and not reinvent the wheel. But yes, if someone asks me for details, I usually can't remember.

But it's fine if your knits are dead to you!

You're supposed to remember? I don't, thank goodness.

When I saw the post title, something else sprang to mind. Can you guess what/who it is? lol

Speaking of which, oh do I have a story for you!! haha

Sounds like men. When it's over - you're dead to me.

I love those emails with questions (or pattern requests) from Rav. First off, I'm not sending you a pattern. If you've got a question about what I did when I knit up a pattern that's one thing, but if you send me note and want knitting help I wonder who let you out alone. Really?! Don't get me started.

I'm like you, most of my Rav projects are given away pronto. I don't need 20 sweaters - I live in California FFS.


Being able to let go is a wonderful thing. Me, I blame it on lack of memory cells. :D


That sounds like my life. I can't remember what I had for breakfast, much less what "design enhancements" (mistakes to some perfectionists) I have made on a given project. I prefer to save my limited brain cells to things that are more important.

What? I remember every single stitch. On the other hand, that may just prove your point. I'd tell you Annis was pretty but you won't know what I'm talking about. :)

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