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Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm loving the pretty pink handspun! :D
Loving that your weather is treating you well...hope it doesn't get to rough on the east coast. I've got an expectant niece out there...

I love that you apparently got some really good uppers. Xoxoxo

I'm loving that handspun! Very pretty and happy. Today, I'm loving that I'm on my weekend and there's no mandatory overtime to slowly leak my life away!

I'm loving Kitten's comment.:)
We have the very same beautiful weather you do. Being outdoors has a bit of heaven, at least for awhile. FB is keeping me in touch with my buddies, thank goodness.

All you need is love . . . or, so I hear.

I love that you're feeling some love. Gorgeous yarn, glad I've already done my donation.
I'm sure you can blow anyone's mind, if you want to.

I'm loving that at some point Dan will watch something other than The Weather Channel. He has to sleep, after all...

There is nothing stupid about what you are thinking. Seriously? That is absolutely wonderful. Love you, dumplin'!!!!!

Monday's done. And I even managed to put my shirt on the right way out today. Not looking forward to whatever's left of Sandy when it gets here, but I'm thinking of those who are in its path.

My mom and sisters and I are having a craft weekend this weekend. I get to see my sister who lives two states away. Woot!

It's Tuesday but I'm loving that we had power all through the storm and no disastahs! I'm also loving that handspun!

Little baby ducks, old pick up trucks and you. :D

I'm loving having power!! xxx

I'm loving that we have POWER! Just like our Bev :^)

Yeah, that Twitter thing has been a lively source of news at our house. Last night when the network showed the video of the explosion at E 14th St in Manhattan, we said, Yeah, already saw that. That was so ten minutes ago.

But I really need to get more of my blog friends into my Twitter stream...

I'm loving having dodged Sandy's worst (while being very sorry for those who didn't). And I'm loving that you have some spunk! And I hate spunk! (Oh Mr. Grant!)

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