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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Oh that Cheryl is good! Lucky you. Can you turn him into cellphone dangle jewelry?

Ahhh, she did it! I was there on Margene's patio when she started testing out the pattern. So cute!

Oooo, I love the leaf. Someone has an imaginative brain. :)
Look at the sweet Pandapple. Adorable!

Cheryl rocks!!! You got your Pandapple and he's simply adorable. I love the leaf. I've been working out how it was done. Not easy, but so beautiful. And the scarf pattern will be mine. It's beautiful and an amazingly good cause. Happy Tuesday/Wednesday dumplin'!!!!!

The Podium Pants have me stumped.

So glad you like your Pandapple. He was much fun to make!
Love the leaf! I wonder if that would have to be done while the leaf was still green.

I swear I posted here. Anyway, cute pandapple. What does one do with a leaf like that?

I will not spoil the podium pants. I remember that movie. And I love pandapple! Cheryl is awesome! And so are you! Thank you for sharing and the kind words about the scarf. The leaf idea is neat. Unfortunately, I have no patience for little threads anymore. Happy Wednesday! Xoxo

I very much like the leaf scarf pattern, and want to spin yarn for it. I think nice, fat, squooshy handspun is just what it needs. I guess I need to learn how to spin that kind of yarn first, eh?

I wonder how one would go about crocheting onto a leaf like that. I suppose first something would have to be done to the leaf. It is so beautiful and simple and lovely.

Oh, your Pandapple is supercute! I'm glad Cheryl made it for you and you can have your Pandapple right now!


Podium pants. There are no words.

Oh. VERRRRyyyyy Funny! :-P
That panda is adorable. . . and the leaf is so cool.

The leaf is so cool.

Cheryl is marvelous! Pandapple is so cute.

So so so. :D


Liking that leaf! Pandapple...stop throwing things at me to make for those little kids! ;-)

Pandapple is a silly name. I'm just saying.

Cute scarf!!

OMG-the cuteness!!!

awwwww (or "seeeeeee" when teh wrong keys are used)
I want to buy it. I don't think I'll ever make it as I'm like ridiculous on my goals for knitting anything right now, but I do want to support and it looks worth more than $3. I don't do paypa.l tho.

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