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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Answer to #3. If it's this one, it is not wasted. Look at all the knitting you've done;-P I wondered about the Mum sweater and am glad you're doing one for yourself. The mitten is gorgeous and you should knit it for a dear friend who lives in a very cold climate in the northeastern part of the US. But, color knitting? I am impressed dear one. Very Very impressed. Hugs.

Just knit, have fun, and when you've finished you decide who to send the mittens to. You can always keep them just to admire.

I can't imagine making a whole bowl full of those little candy corns.

Clearly your mom needs a poncho.

Sorry you've hit a snag with your sweater - hope you get it resolved.

Darling mittens! Don't you have one or two cold days a year?

As for kilter...I never know when I'm on kilter only when I'm off.
Candy corns! Love em!
Hope your sweater knitting issues get fixed.
I've got a couple pair of stranded mittens promised to my kids. Pattern is quite similar to yours but these are lined with alpaca. You probably don't need more warmth! ;) The pattern is amazing though...so complete...no errors.

I am so with you on #4!

1) What about a giant candy corn? Kind of like the giant minion.
B) You can always stop before the top and make them fingerless. I did that on a lovely mitt. Hopefully it will become a pair one day.
iii) Kilter is never good. Off kilter isn't either. You'll want to be slightly off.

Did you mean to reply to Cindy in your comments? Those.mittens are fantabulous and you need to make them. Even if all you do is pet them and tell them how pretty they are.

Before we can figure out what on kilter would be, we need to figure out wtf is kilter?

I could have turned on my lights and passed out those candy corns! And then been surprised when they egged my house. Or not.

Isn't your sweater perfect?

My laptop is zapping me for trying that link. Maybe it knows I don't need mittens either.

Being on kilter is of course being asleep:) Otherwise everything is just plain off.
The candy corn are adorable. I can't imagine knitting a whole bowl full but it would be fun to watch the double takes they'd get.
Knit the mittens. You only live once and should have a really nice pair of mittens.

I shoot for semi-kilter. Good enough.
A bowl full of mittens would be even prettier than a bowl full of candy corn. (Either the edible or the inedible kind.)
Knit away!

Candy corn? That's kinda crazy. Glad you gave up.

The mittens are lovely and who cares if they are practical or not. Plus they're a heck of a lot faster than a sweater.

Love those tiny candy corns but totally get it. I wouldn't make it past 1.5 of 'em.

Ooh, lovely mitten pattern! One of my friends nicknamed me mittens since she always saw me with handmade handwarmers on. (One pair was commented on and judged well by a well known lace pattern writer!)

I lived #6 for four years. I'm hoping your #1 is short lived. That candy corn...waaaaaaay too much patience.


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