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Monday, October 01, 2012


Depending on how accurate the colors are, I can totally see the east coast beach in it! The sand and the rocks, definitely.

Beautiful yarn!
I have finally given in to my Pepsi addiction (I love Pepsi throwback. It tastes like childhood). I don't kill people or kick puppies. I'm entitled to one vice.

It's a Monday. You have done another great job with the spinning & you've almost sold me on your vision of the colour. I can totally relate to forgetting to take pictures until it's too late. I just assume I've taken pictures for my stash, but I'm not always right.

Who needs pants?

Gorgeous! I'm also very good at falling for colors that won't photograph worth a darn - enjoy!

I can totally see a foggy morning in the yarn.
Yea...I tried giving up Diet Coke. It didn't work out so well...so now I'm guiltily but happily drinking it again. :)

The colors are beautiful in the yarn and will look very lush in a sweater! Oh, my entire family will tell you, NEVER get between me and my coffee....

I definitely get the beachy vibe, even if I have only been in the pacific ocean. Foggy day, rocky beach, forested hills nearby, tidepools- now I want to go on a road trip!

Yeah, I see what you mean in the colors. That's gorgeous stuff.

And why wear pants?

I agree with Carrie! Oh, and I totally see the Atlantic too. Xoxo

I agree with Carrie! Oh, and I totally see the Atlantic too. Xoxo

That is indeed a lovely colorway! It will make a nice fabric when knit up with great depth of color. I see a foggy morning with the fog burning off at about noon (or maybe that's just what I see out my window...)

Granite boulders, fog, ocean -- yep, you nailed the color. Gorgeous stuff.

Lovely and a cardigan will work perfectly. I think spinning pants would be an excellent idea. There's something a bit off about foof on your butt;-P

Yep, I can certainly see foggy beach with a little hazy pre-sunrise color. Lovely.

So very pretty! I like the bounce and squoosh of Targhee. It will make a lovely cardi. I know nothing of the East Coast beach, but I trust you and from now on, that is what these colors will mean to me.

I don't have pants set aside for spinning, but instead, use an apron. It works for me, but may not be for everyone. xoxo

Beautiful colors. I am happy to be knitting with color again after months of knitting mostly an ivory lace wedding shrug. OK the sparkles did help and the end result makes me giddy with joy, but I was longing for some color, and now that the wedding is a memory I can pick up something else.

Such beauty! If it's better in person it much be spectacular yarn!!

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