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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I too have been craving sleep. It's got to be the change of season.
I hope the lace works out!

You are craving sleep because you need sleep, sweet one. And, the television thing? I like "Elementary" and "Castle". If I catch "NCIS" fine, but otherwise don't care much. I like to knit and listen to music. Yes, dear, I am dull. And, lace? How exciting!!!!!!!

Casting on for a lace project is often a good way to loose oneself. It's the right thing to do. Knitting and jazz...two of my favorite combos. ymmv:)


Lace! Yay!
And of course, it WILL be done in a few days, whatever it is.
Speed demon.

Maybe humans are really supposed to hibernate like bears...the days get shorter and cooler and we want to sleep!
The political ads are starting to get to me...one after another after another. But DH loves tv and so it stays on...
Knitting lace? Can't wait to see what pattern you've chosen. Or did you design your own?

Hard to believe it's been 2 years since they got hitched! Today is rainy and cold and I'm glad it wasn't like this 2 years ago. I'm also glad I got to see that amazing veil in person, it's a stunner, that's for sure.

It's darker and colder. Natural hibernation season. You have watched Sherlock, yes?

We have a sign in the downstairs bathroom: There is no such thing as too much sleep. Feel free to steal it.

Thanks for the linky ;o) glad I could remind you that you have a blog, hehe

yay lace! Who are you kidding, you're probably already finished ;op

I'll be glad when the rain hits later this week, my allergies are killing me at night! Ugh. Lace you say? Interesting!

Neibling? A challah? I like your unconscious better than mine.

Looking forward to show & tell. I'm currently devoid of interesting comments & blog ideas of my own, but I'll be back with more smartass remarks when I recover.

Thank you Snickerdoodle! Yeah, I'm underwhelmed with the choices this season too.


that was supposed to be xoxo, but I fingered it wrong and I guess it might apply as well.

Happy Sunday and exactly what Natalie said. Like that cowl pattern!

I've been feeling a stronger sleep need, too. Probably seasonal, or stress.

You do lovely lace.

Sometimes I am operating on so little sleep that when it returns to me, it is a challenge to readjust and it feels excessive. I may have given up on any of it being regular and just try to do my best with whatever comes my way.

That lace is so beautiful, and I love it even more because you knit it and because it was for such a special occasion and special person. Was it a challenging knit? I might be knitting wedding lace, and have been thinking of this pattern.

New lace? That makes life better, right? xoxo

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