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Friday, October 26, 2012


The only part of October I have enjoyed is wearing my hand knit socks. The rest has sucked. I'm ready for November.

Here's to consistent weather and the wearing o' the hand-knits . . . and for taking the high road once in a while.

(I must admit to scratching my head, though, over the Bumble ... Stripey Jumper . . . Sting.)

Our October has been cold, wet, and miserable. I'm not a big fan of October.
Also not a fan of the days getting so short. I need sunshine. Not the hot weather, just sunshine...

So far, my favorite part of October has been watching Jamie Lee Curtis stab Michael Myers in the neck with a knitting needle. She brought him DOWN! Of course, he got right back up again but still... Don't mess with knitters!

Hope life perks up for you soon. If you need me to come and set some people straight, just let me know. Or, if you need chocolate.

We had an unsettled October which has settled into cold and snow. Not much teasing any longer. The high road often takes less effort than fight along the low road. May your way be quiet and unobstructed.
There will be no 30 days of blogging for me. I can seem to keep up with one weeks worth of posts.
Miss you.

I so understand about the weather. We went from 83 to 38 in less than 8 hours. It's just a tad chill now, so mitts and hat to walk the pup this a.m. You are living your life well, dear one. I think the changing of the seasons affects us all. It feels like time to assess, but not today. Oh, and what Margene said.

New England October has been okay. (The parts I remember ;-))Looks like Sandy will arrive and bring us solidly into November. I'm not a particularly deep person, but I once heard this poem - The Way by John Oxenham and it's always stuck with me. Let me know what you think!

Such a pretty sky picture. I miss everyone doing Saturday Sky pictures...
Looking forward to seeing the sweater. I have yarn for a cardigan but am thinking about Christmas knitting instead.
I'd love to share our 20s at night and 30s during the day temperatures. Oh! And you could have the wind too. ;)
I was once told life slows down when you get older. It's a lie.
Happy Friday to you too!

As I sit here in my 59-degree house waiting for the furnace guy to come, I'm quite grateful for the knitted sweaters and mitts this morning.

Glad to hear you're happy with the new sweater project!

84 yesterday, 64 today and 44 tomorrow.

Has anyone seen my boots?

A handknit sweater made from handspun yarn has to be the awesomest thing in knitting.

I am working my way up the body of a handspun/handknit sweater for ME! Yes, selfishly I am knitting for myself with the holidays a mere 12 weeks away. No one (except maybe my husband is getting handknits for Christmas this year). I have given my family handknit socks every year for the last few and they are expecting it. I plan to dash their expectations.

And no 30 days of blogging in a row. There are very few people that I like to read enough to want to read them every day for a month. We are buckling down for Frankenstorm. Yes, that's what the weatherpeople are calling Sandy. It's too weird for words how fast the milk and bread are disappearing off the shelves. And generators are gone, too!

yay handspun sweater! :o))

Apparently there's some huge storm that's going to hit the Northeast this week - I started panicking about a generator so I can keep sewing and almost bought one. (notice I don't care about all the food defrosting, I'm worried about working, it's a sickness) I clicked the window closed before I purchased and asked R about buying one....

...we've owned a generator for a couple of years. Who knew? lol

I'd love to send you my weather. It might snow a touch here. Not enough to stick, but it is that cold. I wouldn't mind your 80's. At least I'm not facing the super storm about to hit the Eastern Seaboard. Hang in.

Can't wait to see the handspun sweater. If my fiber wasn't at the back of a very full Ubox it might inspire me to finish enough yarn for a sweater.

Stupid weather. We're awaiting Frankenstorm & I realize that tomorrow we'll have to tidy the back yard.

Non-emergency emergencies aren't that bad, esp. if you get that kind of sky.

Looking forward to the sweater reveal.

Fully enmeshed in fall here. I cleaned out my stash of hats I don't wear to give to charity. It was an entire document box Full. many of them are ways to use up leftover yarn. Yet, I still have so still left, inexplicably. Mysteries of the universe, I guess.

Mom sweater? We're still in the high 80s here though mornings are at least pleasant, and the temps after nightfall are good too.

maybe I'll post once since it's been 8 months...no promises :)

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