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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Gorgeous Hitchhiker! The colors are stunning.

May have been boring, but it was totally worth it. It's beautiful!!! And, the cuteness. I will enjoy you enjoying it, but do not feel any need to join in. If the sea cell follows you out, does it follow you right back?

That's a beautiful hitchhiker! The colors really come to life in that pattern.

Love the Hitchhiker! Those colors are gorgeous and my favorite combination. No, I'm not hinting. Really.

Pretty, pretty shawl! Gorgeous colors.
I made a little bunny over the weekend for a 1st birthday gift. The pattern was called amigurumi...but I don't think it's small enough for that. Anyway, if you want to be tempted some more I've got it in my projects on Ravelry. ;)

Pretty knitting. Cheryl showed me one of the amigurumi designs, otherwise I would have no idea what you're talking about. They are cute!

Hitchhiker is a great pattern for handpainted yarns.
There is no end to the cuteness of amigurumi on Ravelry.

You got a way better pic than I could have. ;^)

Also, it kept me warm in the chilly airport during yesterday's round of Airport Limbo, aka "our plane was commandeered for the Milan flight and we didn't get to go to Milan" and again on the "it was 100 degrees earlier in San Diego, now it's only 75 but humid as hell so I'll crank up the A/C anyways" Super Shuttle to the hotel. It's perfect! Thank you!


My blog would be all small, all the time if I posted every time I knitted something tiny. I needed a I Finished a Project moment. Want to finish a sweater for me? I think I should make you a gaggle of Boos. Which I still need a picture of. Just sayin' xoxo

Beautiful hitchhiker. I have some yarn that has defied projects...this could be one to consider.

I think #7 is supposed to be a "wide berth" - thinking about the other is just painful.

I've finished 5 legs!


I have some superwash merino/silk fiber like that. I should call it the needy boyfriend, since it's so clingy.

That hitchiker is pretty. I have been looking at all the boring knits lately and thinking that I like the lines of them a lot better sometimes. I just started an old knitty pattern, a scarf which is little more than a Really Long Swatch of a pretty simple lace pattern. At least it's mindless enough I can get in a couple rows and then stop.

Hitchhiker was such good TV knitting for me. Sometimes boring is good. Sometimes boring is just boring. Just another reason to have lots of things on the go ;)

Seacell, eh? I don't think I have any fiber with seacell in the stash.Hmm, but I'm not sure I want something that goes everywhere with me, as I've already been the mom picking kids up at school blissfully unaware of the silk on the back of her pants legs.

Some fibers can be so clingy! It's like get a hobby! Sheesh!

Really lovely FO there, the colors are just wonderful together. The coffee must not of kicked in, as I knew it was a möbius, but the brain was like, guh. How'd she do that? On the other hand, all my morning brain went into looking cute with new hair and a nice outfit, so I might be dumb, but I'm cute. Kind of like the basset hounds I owned as a kid.

pretty pretty knitting. even if it was boring. (I could have used a little "pretty boring" knitting yesterday, after taking my dad to the ER and dealing with the ensuing excitement...I had to settle for "not pretty" AND "boring" in the same project.)

A very pretty scarfy! That variegated just loves loves loves that pattern. It's perfect, as we expect from your side of the mountain.

Beautiful scarf and I love the colors!!


A murder of crows sounds like a fabulous project (and maybe more like you than a basket of bunnies?)! I hope you get to it sometime soon.

Boring knitting is the best kind. Sometimes.

Gaaaaah, those Hitchhikers are cuter and cuter every time I see one. I think I'm going to stop resisting, and use some of the otherwise useless handpainted yarn in my stash. (I didn't buy it, because I never know what to do with it.) It's good to have a mindless project when it's time to chat!

That is so amazingly beautiful! It is a wonderful gift for your partner in crime. Knitting with your own handspun is so wonderful. I've thought several times about knitting one because they are cute, but I worry about the boring factor when knitting it. Then again, I'm the one who has agreed to a Color Affection kal, so I think I might be doomed.

I don't see anything wrong with this becoming a tinycreaturesblog! Yes, send millions of miniknits to people!

Glad the spinning is going well. I'm in the midst of what feels like endless plying, but I want to spin something new and decided that I really need to ply this yarn before I do that.


It's gorgeous - I saw a pic of it on the recipient ;o)

I'm working on a Color Affection that's making me want to stabby my eyeses out it's so freaking boring. SO BORING!

Are you ready for the epic wedding post? It's going up a little after midnight my time...I'm so nervous. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

p.s. I didn't mention the pink wedding dress. I get points for that, right?

Beautiful! And full of love.

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