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Friday, October 05, 2012


She's cute!!

Cute! And in pink of course. :D


Ooooh, the adorableness!!! Mrs. Squishy rocks!!

That is so cute! I love it!

Cute! There are a couple of little girls in my world I might have to make a couple of those for. And then teach them to say BOO! Oh how the Moms will love me! ;-)

I should knit another and find a voice chip that will say "honey boo boo" every time you walk past it. Just sayin'

She's perfect!

So cute, I love those, I've made a few!

Very cute!

Boo is squee-worthy!

That little bat might be the cutest thing ever!!

That's a hilarious start to the month. Cute too.

Oh, it is just so cute! I've been resisting the purchasing of the pattern, but I did by safety eyes, so my resistance might be futile. Also, I am avoiding things and there has been stress. That usually means making the little things. xoxoxo

Aww, the only bat I might like!


Love those.

Too cute!!!!!

So CUTE!!!

(I've been lurking today - I'm actually *gasp* writing the wedding day blog post so I needed to find linkety to the Veil of Awesome ;o) xoxo

Oh, I LOVE! What an adorable way to start October!

Too cute!!

Squish knit you a Mini Me! How adorable!

So cute!! She's super.

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