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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You're even more cryptic than usual today. And you are so right about people who don't understand that they are being offensive when they talk about race. As a white woman I kind of just keep my mouth shut because I know I'm privileged - Hannah and I were just having this conversation the other day and I was trying to explain it to her. The fact that you don't see yourself as privileged doesn't mean you aren't because being white in this country automatically makes you privileged. She's taking a class on diversity and it's created some interesting conversations at the dinner table.

Ah, girl. The plain fact is: People are stupid and thoughtless. Sorry you have to put up with the bullsh!t. The only advice I have is, have some chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. :-)

There is a sense of entitlement here and part of that entitlement seems to include opinions. It doesn't seem to matter if there is a factual basis or just blithering. Everyone has an opinion, but no one needs to share it unless asked directly. Yes. I am a fossil. And, the dreams and wanting? Never never never give them up. That's what keeps us going. Hugs, dearheart.

Everyone thinks they're right. Everyone thinks about themselves first. No one thinks anyone else counts. No one wants to hear what you have to say as a woman/minority/older person/whatev....they just like the sound of their own voice. It's disheartening. I've got your back, even when I don't know what's going down.

So, what do you want, little girl >:-)> muwahahahahahaha

It's a shame we continue to judge people by what we see or don't see in their skin color before we glimpse their soul and see who they really are.
Waiting is hard but sometimes it is all we can do. Hugs to you.

Maybe it's just my imagination (or advancing age), but it sure seems like people are far more egocentric than they were decades ago. I've pretty much always been a rule follower by nature, so it drives me nuts when people feel that the rules apply to everyone but them.

You've been dealt a crappy hand, and it sucks. I wish there was more that we could do besides sending love and hoping that the universe sees fit to ease up on you a bit.

Love ya

Yeah, I watched TRMS when I couldn't sleep this morning. And she's mine, I would do more for her than you or Joan *ahem* The whole race thing that she discussed with MHP just made me ill - not how they talked about it, but the comment that prompted the discussion. OMG.

People don't know what they don't know. Of course, some are too stupid to learn too. Which means odds are there will always be at least one in your orbit somewhere. Sadly, you are not allowed to

A three way fight for our Rachel, interesting.

It's sad when the same thing is said,written, posted over and over and people don't understand what is going on. It like, do you have to throw them a parade to figure it out? I'm pretty sure those were the people who got eaten by bears and run over by carts in the olden days.

Somebody send me the quote and tell me who MHP is so I can be outraged too. It gives me something else to think about.

I hope you find your balance and some happiness. I'm sorry that it's wearing so much on you right now.

What Carrie said. "Somebody send me the quote and tell me who MHP is so I can be outraged too." And what Carole said: you ARE being really cryptic today.

I'm hoping for a better day for you today. xo

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