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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Bwaha! Yes, happy now. This is me avoiding dishes & making packed lunches for the kids. Ok, yes, I'll have to do all that in a minute but this blog post gave me a chance to wake up.

Ends of roving were cut? Bizarre.

Many thanks to Natalie! Your spinning is so purdy and I love the colorways. I have never seen or heard of cut roving ends. Why the heck would they want to do that? Stupid. Happy Tuesday, dumplin'!

Really, absolutely gorgeous.

Your always make the most lovely yarn even when you complain about it it's still lovely in the end.

"She...who must be obeyed." Love that part.

Pigeonroof is my fave, love that one!

It makes me happy to picture you surrounded by so much pretty yarn, all of your own spinning.

Spinning crap into gold. You are so good.

If Natalie told you to jump up and down, would you do it? Probably....she's good!

That yarn is fan-tas-TIC! I see it more as a scarf than socks just so people have a better chance to see it's beauty up high.

Nice yarn! Cut ends, I never!

As always, beautiful yarns! BTW Natalie was right...

Yes, that IS fabulous. Love the colors and your spinning job!

WhoTF cuts roving?

They *cut* the roving?! What the hell?!

Love the Pigeonroof yarn! So pretty and fabulous!

Cut?!?!? That is just ridiculous and there is no reason for it. I just cannot think of any reason why anyone would do that. I'm glad you survived the experience. xoxo

I think I had a San Francisco vacation that was the theme of the first yarn. If you mashed up all the pictures, they'd be that colorway. Lovely!

I'm happy. Because your post was about handspun. ;^)

Again with the wonderful yarn! Pretty stuff!
I was confused at first when I read compartments::tubbies....cuz tubbies at our house means time for the little ones to have a bath. :D Just having a gramma moment I guess...

Underestimated :: Me
Self-esteem :: Rather Lacking

mmm if one than not other?

Oh. That yarn is so lovely. Some of my favorite colors!

You are no longer allowed to criticize your photos. I like these a lot.

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