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Sunday, September 09, 2012


Adorable socks! They'd be my favorite if they were in my sock drawer.

Those really are Fabusocks! All the other socks in the drawer are going to be jealous...

Cozy looking socks! Great colors too. Did you try to get them to match or did it just work out that way?? Cuz they look like identical twins. :)
And the teacher...was he a good teacher having a bad day or was he always like that? o.0

Just perfect. And. . . did he say "fickle" like it was a Bad Thing?

I'm still trying to see why they are not a perfect match...

Easy as pie, lovely socks. I Adore short row heels, having a tiny narrow foot. They have got to be close enough to count as twins, they certainly look like twins!

Cute, and so very NOT what I was picturing based on your previous description...

They are simply lovely, dearheart.

Not a perfect match? What, are they off by two stitches?

Beautiful socks!!


I certain see why they are loved. :D Beauties!

Perfectly gorgeous! I hope these are for your lovely feet...

That is one beautiful pair of socks. That is all.

They look like lovely socks to me.

Very nice! Now how do they not match? I can't see it.

So cute and just perfect, and I love them even more knowing that you are loving your sockies! xoxoxo

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