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Monday, September 03, 2012


We can always hope that the good stuff outnumbers the bad. Or at least outweighs it...
Love your little matryoshkas! (That sounds funny, doesn't it? Or is it just me?)

Hunny, the yarn is beautiful (as usual) and as long as no one gives you a machete, I think we're all good.

Sorry that people suck - and of course you can spin straw into gold.

Probably a good thing I'm far far away just in case.

The yarn looks yummy. Like neopolitan ice cream. Too bad the seller was so rotten.
Love your gifts. You've got some sweet friends!
Happy Monday!

When I started spinning and didn't know any better, I just randomly bought roving and joined a club. Most of the stuff was almost felted. I still have it and it's spinnable if you spend a lot of time preparing it (which I don't think I should have to do). Now, I am much more discriminating and only buy from people I know do good work (like Joan).

My husband's philosophy is that he is God's cat toy. He ends up under the couch and forgotten for a while and then God finds him again and bats him around. We're in a "batting around" phase right now. I can't wait till he ends up under the couch and forgotten again.

Why do I not follow you on the Twitter machine? Who are you on the Twitter machine? I am kmkat (duh). My twitter stream needs some salt and vinegar Cookie.

You were very kind to that awful seller in using that photo - the entirety of that fiber was something. And you forgot to mention the trash bag she sent it in.

Love those dolls!


I need to follow you more on the twitter machine, apparently. As soon as someone increases my ability to stay awake past 730pm...

Etsy sellers are questionable anymore, other than those I know :-D

I was going to say it's only Sunday, but the post office not being open messed with my head. Do I need to send you some day old ducklings? I can. All they really need is a kiddie pool. Plus, the mallards will most likely fly away, so you wouldn't be in violation of any zoning ordinances.
Just sayin'

I hope all dramahzz avoid you, our Cookie, so you can get some rest.

Love the med kit.

Have a lovely week!

Hello kitty medical kit! I love it! My friend adores hello kitty, this would be a great Xmas gift; Any idea where to get one. I haven't seen it around.

The yarn and fluff is pretty, a shame it was so naughty and the seller even worse. Is it so hard to find decent customer service these days?

don't get me started about dishonest etsy sellers. or yarn dyers. Or fabric sellers who don't actually SEND the fabric you've purchased (that one is the reason I have 1 'neutral' feedback on Etsy and God help her if I ever see her in person)

I love juxtaposition of any kind. Such a GRAND word; such a grand concept. Also, I wish the world was full of kind and honest people, and I hope you get that break really soon.

I have a machete in the garage, in case you need one.

I hope you tossed the unspinnable and do something lovely with your new yarn. Lying liars suck so much and bullies are terrible and ineffective bullies are laughable.

I love the matryoshka and HK kit! So glad that friends are supporting you throughout the good and the bad.


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