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Friday, September 07, 2012


That is lovely, lovely yarn you've got there. I'm sorry about your mug. And I want to see the new fabu-socks, please. :-)

You so have not lost your edge, grrl. That copper rose yarn is simply gorgeous. That would make a beautiful pair of patterned socks wouldn't it? And, in my world, faithful is up for interpretation;-P Happy Friday.

Wanna see fabulous, too...

More great yarn and another pretty color!
Aww, your favorite mug got broken? Shucks.
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. At least that is what my mother used to say!

Love the yarn, I need to get some of those batts, hoping to see some more in the shop soon...

Well you're not spinning frog hair - perhaps you're adjusting to prep for fall weather? It's lovely & most people would be happy to have enough lovely consistent 3 ply yarn to make a pair of socks.

Sorry to hear about the mug.

That yarn is beautiful!!

And I have problems being monogamous in any way, myself ;-)

There are things in life that it's important to be faithful to - your values, your spouse, your goals. Fiber isn't one of them. :o)

I prefer to think of it as developing a new and different edge. Swiss-army style.
I think your sock drawer definitely goes to 11.

That yarn looks lovelily squishy.

Squishy! Xoxo

What lost edge. That looks like wonderful socks in training. (After all they must be in training to be socks since that's clearly what they are meant to be.)

Monogamy and hand knit socks just wasn't meant to be.

Delicious yarn. I don't suppose you need knee socks?

I love the description of your new favorite socks. What makes them extra special to you? Yarn, fit, pattern?

You have a ranking in your sock drawer? How did you fit it in? My ranking is too awkward to fit anywhere.

New day, new favorite.

Is that a bulky yarn? No ultra-yardage laceweight three ply? Lol. I'm feeling the constant: irritation over here, too. Is some planet in retrograde or something? Sheesh!

Monogamy is over rated but - you have a ranking scale for your socks?

/suddenly realizes my socks are arranged in an like best order.....uh....nothing to see here....

Oh. Just realized same post. I really have to keep up but it seems beyond me at the moment.... - lost edge? Are you kidding? I have just knit up some cupcake fiber spun by you that stood up to both nupps and frogging. And is beauteous.

Yeah, right. It's gorgeous, of course.

Nah, you haven't lost your edge. It is gorgeous and I love it! xo

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