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Thursday, September 13, 2012


You may have outdone yourself with the yarn this time. That is spectacular yarn! I hope you feel the urge to knit a sweater because really that yarn should be a sweater.

King Arthur could never get that 3/5 thing right, either...

That is gonna be some pretty sweater some day. And, there is no way a girl can have too many cute undies. Hugs, girlie!!!!!

*sings) I gotta be meeee!

You go girl!

I looked him up and then immediately went "ahhhh"

I WANT that yarn!! omg so purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty. Then I'd lay on it because I am so behind in my knitting.

Sharp pointy sticks (whipping back and forth as you assemble a sweater?) can also serve as a "heads up" to the untrustworthy. Just saying.

How can you resist and not knit that up? It's gorgeous! But yeah, I know, life gets in the way sometimes...

That yarn could actually convince my predominantly black wardrobe to see some blue! Nice.

We KNOW you're the shit.
What beautiful yarn! Some day, you'll find yourself with some knitting time and can turn that stuff into a lovely sweater. Just be sure you have some cute undies to match.

You could always knit cute undies...


Sweater knitting is for later. Take it with you when the universe cuts you some slack and you spend several months sitting on a certain font porch on Grand Island.

Oh, lovely blue. I'm wearing an old navy sweater in the same shade! Of course handknit trumps store every time.

Very pretty yarn! You've always been the shit, I never doubted that...

On knitting undies, don't. So not sexy...continue onto the Vicky's Secret site for the sale please!

Now I'm picturing all sorts of inappropriate acts. Done mahvelously, of course.

Oh, knit a sweater. Or a shawl. If its as good as the stuff you spun for me, it'll be fabulous. You might want to consider moving north though.

Keep spinning.
I love the blue. It is Just Gorgeous.
Cute undies are one of life's little pleasures!

Gorgeous yarn, of course.

No argument from me on Jean Reno.

There's a thread running through this post.... Also, at first glance I thought it said Janet Reno movies. It gave me pause...

I love that yarn! I think that when it is time to knit a sweater, it is not sweater-quantity-spinning-time, so that must mean this is not sweater-knitting-time.

Being able to kiss and make-up without bloodshed is a wonderful thing. xo

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