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Sunday, September 23, 2012


There is nothing wrong with having a go-to sock pattern that you know will result in great socks. Those are beautiful and they are done, which is probably the best part of all!

Love your socks!!! So pretty. We will not discuss the laundry thing here, either. I'm so sorry about the naps, but when the heck do you ever get one? BTW, it's 41 here this morning and sunny. I'll take it even though my nose is runny and eyes itchy. Hugs, girlie. Have a good Sunday!!!

Cute socks!
Hotmail seems to be having issues too. I'd sure hate to lose everything I've got on there. Disaster.
Laundry here too and I should go for a ride on the combine with DH this afternoon. They are almost done with the soybeans and I haven't been out yet.
Happy Sunday!

I use gmail through Outlook, so it just works. If you ever want an email address at The Looney Bin, just let me know ;-)

And Dan is on his way home! And it looks like we might be moving to New Hampshire...

I'm glad that weight is off your shoulders. Enjoy the rest of the fall knitting as you like.
The kids at Typepad do I good job with spammers. Now if they could just fix the book link I'd be very happy.

I need to print out Charade and knit it. I always admire yours so much!

Having a pattern that you don't have to think about makes for mindless, peaceful, stressless knitting.

Beautiful socks!

Have a lovely day/week!

Love the socks - very summer-ish looking! Love having a default sock pattern that doesn't require a lot of attention :^)

Lovely socks, as usual.

I also experienced a weekend of laundry and without naps, which is tragic as I'm going back to work this week & will be missing the opportunity to nap occasionally. Must go knit while I still can!

Charade looks different in every yarn. Shall we run intervention for you next year when they ask if you're doing SoS again? ;)

I'm not having issues with gmail, but then I only send a few emails a day. Lovely socks, as usual!

I've had an account with Yahoo for over 20 years and never had a problem. Love the socks!

Those are really good-looking socks! It's definitely fall here; crisp, cool warm days. Love it.

Loverly socks. Anything seasonal reminds me of allergies and I try to stay away. How many times d I have to post to be considered spam? Spam, spam the magical meat.

Love the socks, love the pattern. Need to figure out that toe up thing one of these days!

Whew! I was so tired of making socks. Kidding, I didn't even make one pair...

Your socks are lovely and the yarn is so pretty and delicate. Yes, just perfect for you sassy minx.

They are pretty and perfect and that's why we knit socks. I don't know if I really love Fall so much or it is more the fact that Summer is over.


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