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Friday, September 21, 2012


Is that possible? Too much Dr. Who?

I love the bees - so cool! I keep meaning to watch Dr. Who but I never have.

Beautiful shawl. Love the color, too! My mother had long tapered fingers and elegant hands. I ended up with her father's hands. Blocky strong farmer hands. Lovely. Understand the sweater thing completely. And, the allergy thing. I'm hoping for an early freeze this year. It's not like it will damage the beautiful drought demolished flowers or anything, but the chances for an early frost are dim. Ah, well. I'm glad Joan is doing well. You sound like you are doing well, too, but I'm easily fooled;-P Happy Friday, girlie!!!!!!

Too much Doctor Who?! Not possible! In fact, I may have to have a marathon this weekend...

Werewoof? Love it!

The little shawly is so cool. And the color is perfect...makes me think of honey.
Hope the allergies go away quickly and the knitting goes smoothly.
Glad Joan is doing ok. WereWOOF?? Haha!
Happy Weekend!

Love the bees!
Knit what makes you happy. Hopefully without sneezing.

Too much Doctor Who? Are you insane? Oh, wait...

I feel the same about my fingers/fingernails. I have fat stubby fingers like my dad. No fair!!!

Survivor...also making some guesses. About possible winners and the boobs. Try a shellac on your nails, it's pretty sweet. Happy weekend to you too!

Totally beautiful!

Ooh, casting on for something new is a great way to celebrate a Friday!

Lately, I can't stop painting my fingernails. I am also trying to not wish my life away. There really are good things to enjoy right now. I have to repeat that to myself so very often. xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Friday to you!

> Late summer allergies suck
Yes, yes they do.

Oh, I adore the doctor! Did you squee last week over the horse and Stetson bit? I did! Lovely FO, btw!

Love the bees - perfect color for them!

I have crappy nails that curve and split in half. I have given up and just keep them short and unpolished.

I have profoundly ugly fingers and nails. One of the few features I have that I actively dislike. Love those bees. Want to watch Dr. WHO but just the description of the weeping angels and the nestene thing freaked me out...

Nice match of yarn and pattern - they look great! I hate late summer allergies even more than I hate Spring allergies...and that is saying something!

I've got man hands with sausage fingers and it took me until I was over 30 to stop biting my nails. Now I've got decent-looking nails and I've even got a light polish on them at the moment. I guess I've finally accepted that they're not going to look like the ads & I like them anyway. Now if I could just apply that way of thinking to the rest of me.

Nice work on the bees, of course.

As long as Joan doesn't start howling when she says werewoof, it will all be ok!

Certainly not crackers!

I hope the energy fairies visit!

Thinking about a sweater is the first step. And I can do that for years. :D

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