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Saturday, September 01, 2012


Pretty picture!
I DID wonder what you were talking about right away...
I'm not really much of a jewelry person so my jewelry box is sufficient. I have seen on pinterest about using Command hooks to hang bracelets and necklaces on the wall.

My jewelery box (yes, I had to specify that because it...) was made for me by my grandfather. He ultimately made a set of four that mostly match, one for each member of my family. The largest belongs to my Mum and the smallest is my Dad's (I think he got his first, and it was originally to house the pocket watch my Grandpa gave him). Grampa had mad carpentry skillz, so they're lacquered wooden boxes with inlay on the top.
My only problem with it? It's a little small. Then again, I probably ought to be sifting through my jewelery and see what is grown-up stuff, what's kid's stuff that can be passed on, and what's just genuine crap. :)

What box? I hang my necklaces and bracelets on hooks (cause they be purdy) and the earrings are on these cool lucite hangers. I'm all over the place;-P

Wilson made mine so I'm very happy with it. I just wish it would have a fourth dimension to hold more. :D

Happy September.

I don't have a box. I just keep my earrings and bracelets and things in a wooden bowl.

Mine got dealt with by a stupid jerk B&E. Sure takes care of worrying about what to dangle round my neck or hang in my ears. If anyone sees a lovely mahogany one with beautiful fitted drawers made my by late granddad (so envious, Maire).... Probably ditched before they got a mile down the roadway. Sighhhhh....

... (whispers) I don't have a jewelery box. I don't really wear jewelery. My (much more normal than I) husband thinks this is weird, but I think it's convenient- as I have less to put on the morning, less to take off at night, and less to worry about breaking/losing/whatever during the day. I'm weird.

I thought you were talking of a metaphorical box, i.e., your life. So glad it was just the jewelry box.

I have a *real* jewelry box that I bought in Japan 30+ years ago. It is full, and I rarely wear anything in it. I have a compartmented plastic box, the kind that is sold to hold a gazillion colors of embroidery floss, that has earrings and a few miscellaneous tiny things. Only slightly less rarely do I wear anything in there. Recently I made an executive decision to wear only Laurel Burch dangly earrings. A (somewhat expensive) foray to eBay and I was set. The 8 or 10 pairs I bought all live in a 4" round tin box on my dresser.

btw, I have something for you. Send me your snail mail address.

I have a craptastic thing I got when about 20. That stores mostly junk, and funny you brought this up b/c 1st time in a decade I went thru it this week. Only to keep most of the junk. My real/in-use stuff is in scattered wee boxes and in box-lids in my top dresser drawer. Don't know what I'm going to do in about 3 weeks when we toss the dresser.

I just leave my jewelry around all willy-nilly ;o)

Aha. I don't have one box, I've got quite a few. I've reduced the number of various boxes over the years, but it's not an ideal solution.

I like your header sunflower. Also, that's a very nice sky.

I like my jewelry box but it's a custom-made wood one from a local store that K bought me, and honestly I don't wear a lot of jewelry and (shhh) I don't have pierced ears. So I'm not really a good sample.

I got a big black one for my birthday one year, and haven't looked back :)

A lot of bad boxes out there- shame in the manufacturers with little storage space and/ or not safely storing the crown jewels of the owners collection!

... and I thought you were talking about cable! I still have the jewelry box I was given for my ninth birthday. At the time I was crushed that it did not come with a music box and twirly ballerina.

I wish mine (the main one) was bigger. Much bigger. It has four drawers and a lift-up top (with trays for my rings), and two pull-out doors with hooks for necklaces. My necklaces have to share hooks because I have considerably more than eight necklaces...

the overflow is kept in cloth-covered boxes (yes, plural - i store the overflow in the original boxes), like you get with some stationery sets.

I need a different solution...it's unfortunate that I like sparklies so much.

No. Mine is definitely not big enough for all the earrings. I bought some jewelry trays at Bed, Bath and Beyond that are meant to go in drawers, but I just stack them. That helps with the earring situation.

I thought you were going all metaphorical, too. Like the box we should be thinking outside of...
I don't wear any jewelry except for my wedding ring, so my storage needs are minimal. I've got a few bits and bobs I've acquired over the years (a beaded necklace that I made when I was 17, a necklace I bought for a dollar at a flea market back in 1970, a few earrings from the 80's) which are tucked into a pasteboard box that originally held Turkish candy that I've had for 40 years. Oh, and the little silver giraffe earrings that I bought at the San Diego zoo 10 years ago - but I keep them propped up in the bathroom, still on their little square of cardboard, where I can see them every day because they always make me smile.

I have 2 cigar boxes I use. I'm probably not the one to ask...

I'm all about the boxes. Big ones, small ones. Full ones, empty ones. I love boxes!

Is there anyone on etsy that custom makes them?

I'm still not entirely sure you weren't being metaphorical. I hate my box(es) and have designs on one of these type lovies for my dangly earrings: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VladimirsIronArt?section_id=7223773

And one of his others for my necklaces, and then my box(es) will be adequate.

I wear the same earrings every day and my wedding rings and a watch. I have a nickel allergy so I'm limited in what I can wear. I have several pins and some body jewelry for my belly piercing but the rest is just stuff that I have been given over the years.

The box? One my husband gave me over 30 years ago that he bought when he was in the Navy. It's wooden with some flowers and vines carved in it. I think he bought it in the Virgin Islands. He got me another box,an inlaid wooden box that plays music when he was in Italy. He uses that one for his bits. He doesn't wear any jewelry since his wedding ring doesn't fit right now. I wouldn't trade either one of them for something more efficient. Too much sentiment.

I have two jewelry boxes, one that we bought that is ok and one that a friend made and that my parents bought at a silent auction for the sheer beauty of the thing. It is small and holds little but is made of gorgeous woods and by a meticulous craftsman. Having had a break in (while we were asleep upstairs) my good jewelry is in a safe, so I hardly ever wear it because it is unwieldy to get to it.
But what I use for the things I wear every day are some hanging zippered jewelry holders that I got at TJMaxx. They hang on an over the door hook on my closet door. I love them because they are clear and I can see exactly what I am lookin for. And when I travel, I just tuck them in a tote bag and have it ready to hang under a shirt or jacket in the closet wherever I am staying.

The stupid mirror in my box cover falls down each time I open it. You'd think I'd fix it but nah, I'd have to walk downstairs, find glue, you know all difficult tasks. Sounds like I need a new box too. As far as my other box...it's okay right now.

I just try to not think about mine.

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