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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I said I would make the Pandapple, but maybe you are impatient because I have to knit for my not mine kids first?

And that son of mine is only about 10 weeks shy of 17, does that help?

And wishing you a better week ahead. :-)

I'm so sorry your week was so difficult. I know our Joan will get you your Pandapple and if she can't, she'll let me know and I will do it after Christmas. K? And, your weather needs to improve now. I can tell a big difference in my attitude since it's cooled down some. Hugs, hunny.

Sorry about the rough week.
A tiny case of crabs...hahahahaha! Cute.
I'd send you a bit of our weather if I could get it in a package...highs in the 40s later next week.
Hope you have a better weekend.

Sorry you had a crapass week. May I remind you that the BevMo 5 cent sale is in session and I've got a case of syrah to help me over the bad patches, at a very reasonable price.

If I crocheted I'd be on that pandapple but I'll keep my eyes open in my Daiso shopping for a facsimile.

Take care kitten!

Please don't give me a case of crabs, even a tiny one.

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself, and I hope that next week is better.

The amigarumi is powerfully cute. My friend Michelle made an octopus (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octopus) and I almost had to drop the needles and start one right then. You put pipe cleaners (although I think she used wire) in the arms so you can pose it.

I hope next week is less crappy for you.

Thanks to my lack of crochet skills I've been happily removed from the amigurimi craze and haven't knit a stuffed toy in ages.

I love that you send people a case of the crabs.
Have I shown you the Nessie pattern? (I'm making a Boo right now.)
I rather wish Joan's willow had fallen on that horrible giant rodent.

tired so I'm a-gonna summarize it with

Mine was rough, and full of work and overtime. But yay weekend, I plan on doing what I want and being crafty. Hope next week gets better!

If forgetting a load of laundry in the washer is a sign of mental disturbance I am officially deranged.

Silly wabbit. I will make a Pandapple for you if you want.

Oh, I am so sorry that this week has been so very difficult, and hope that the weekend and sweater knitting has helped.

Making the very tiny things and giving them away is so much fun. I occasionally come up with very elaborate ideas that rarely come into being, but am entertained by thinking about them. I currently have one that involves many zombies.

I'm sorry I missed your Pandapple request. I wonder how many you will receive from admirers. I also wonder whether you prefer the pastel colors shown in the pattern you linked to, or if you prefer the brighter, primary colors for him. xoxoxoxo

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