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Thursday, September 27, 2012


I did that cardi earlier this year. I liked it a lot (although, it has some closure issues. But really, who doesn't?). Then a certain small cat's claws came into contact with it, so now it's sitting in a box waiting to see what can be done in the way of repairs. It's still a nice cardi though.

The whole lemon-ginger-honey paragraph was more cryptic than usual. More information, please, because L-G-H sounds really wonderful.

The itchy cardi can still be a jacket, right? Over something else come cooler weather? And, Kaleidoscope is something I think you could get some serious joy out of. Just saying. Enjoy your ginger honey. I'm quite allergic to it and very sorry about that. I love the zing of giner.

Magknits...yeow. Looks pretty nice though. Ginger honey. That's like my son's redheaded/cherokee friend at school. She's a ginger-injun(her words!).

My sympathy on the itchy perfect sweater. The Magknits cardi is so cute. Throw caution to the wind and cast on. Just knit a small swatch of the yarn and place it in your bra for a day. Make sure it's soft:)

At least it's not flipper feet socks. Just sayin'. I was thinking of breaking into my CCFco stash and spinning today for some much needed solace.
There was talk of looking elsewhere and we shall have to have a phone date soon.
Spin! Spin! It's one of those things that is easy to stop and pick up. Unless you have 90 billion trips to the pharmacy planned for this week.

You found something good on the faceyspace?

Sometimes I just look at cardi patterns because I rarely find one that I really like, and I am just not up to fixing one that is not right at this particular moment in time.

Sometimes wearing something made of itchy yarn feels like a victory to me. I'm weird. xo

I'm in love with peach jam. Add bread, Brie and salami slices and AMAZING. You sure you want to reengineer a sweater? Too much work for me!

I am totally making that cardi in a heavier yarn. Thanks.

Someone on Rav made that cardi in 2-row stripes of gray and a self-striping yarn, plus raised that silly neck. Now THAT is a sweater I could get behin--, er, wear.

What is the lemon-ginger-honey thing? Sounds intersting.
The cardi pattern is pretty sexy looking!
Would the itchy cardi fit over a blouse or a T?

What, you're going to show off some sexy clavicle? Woo-hoo!

Wow, Magknits. I'd forgotten.

Mmm. Plus you can not be too prepared for winter, imho.

Pretty! Sexy!

Yay but darn.

you said taint.

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