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Friday, August 03, 2012


The color looks so different now that it's spun up - much more orange-y, yes? Those silk bits have to be treated carefully, that's for sure. Looks like you had great success with it.

That is just beautiful. Carole is right, it does look different ll spun up.

Oh yes, you've created stunning yarn and the silk bits add interest...good interest. Whatever is knit will be enhanced by the yarn.

Just call it your chunks-o-silk yarn.
Knitting? Truly?

Different color than I expected but absolutely beautiful!
Hope you have enough to finish with the bees.../crossing fingers.
Happy weekend!

Gorgeous - and it looks really neat in the lotus bowl :^)

Pretty yarn! You knit? (I should have that response on a macro somewhere.)

Pretty! The color turned out just as rich as the fluff!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend yourself. Your spinning is lovely, sorry it was interesting, and not the good kind.

I try to pull out gobs of silk if I find them my dyed fiber, but then I stopped, not sure if people would want them in or not.

Yes, you are that good. Sorry to hear the spin was full of silk blobs. I like simple brainless spinning at the moment, but that's probably on account of having an interesting life. Perhaps if people don't have interesting lives they prefer interesting spinning.

I've always known you are that good.

reminds me of bigred gum, which reminds me of red dentyne. which reminds me of when I was quiet in church, sat on the pews reading my golden books, my mom would give me a half piece (of the tiny piece of tiny gum)

I can't believe that you moved so quickly from pondering to finished yarn. I bow down to your greatness, although the comment "chunks of silk" conjured us some interesting visuals in my imagination (yes I really do think like a 2nd grade boy).

Monogamy is overrated. 8-)

Happy Sunday

You are missed, and just wanted you tell you how great your hair looked in Anne's blog today. Hugs.

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