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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I blame a lot of things on Fox News.

This is why I camp instead of staying in hotels. Well, that and I can't afford to stay in hotels, but that's a separate issue.

Ew. Bed bugs. Hope the creepy crawlies went away after the shower. Can't afford to lose too many layers of skin, dumplin'.

There is a lot of not news going around. But they try so hard to make it sound like news.
Bedbugs freak me out though...

Staying in lots of motels/hotels this week and next... this is not what I needed to hear about. Blech.

You just made me want to scrub myself raw too. Texas has a whole checklist for checking hotel rooms. He won't even take his bags in until he has done it. Yeah, we both have our OCD moments.
I loved FOX LA. The ones down here suck a$$.

Do you need another box?

Oh, bedbugs, exciting. Especially with video.

They are not as ubiquitous as the news media might have us believe. Andrew lived in Manhattan for eight years -- three in Greenwich Village, one in Spanish Harlem, and four on the Upper East Side -- and never saw a bedbug. Nor did he bring them home with him, thankfully.

ARGH!!!! Bedbugs have been around forever, so what's the newsflash? I hope you finished watching TMZ before the super shower. That surfer dude is hilarious.

He's thinking to himself, oh god, oh god, oh god, I stayed THERE last night! You can't itch on the air!

Had those once. No words for the icky. (That one was all Rick, too. "Can you believe someone just threw away this perfectly good couch?" /shudder)

Since I work in community mental health, we often see people who live in less than hygenic circumstances. Bedbugs are a frequent threat. I sit at my desk and try hard not to itch and scratch. Then I scrub myself down and throw all my clothes into the wash on hot and a long tumble in the dryer.

We had a guest speaker who thought it would be a good idea to pass around a test tube filled with bed bugs at a meeting. Yea, I thought it might be a good idea to kick him in the shins but I need my job.

What? Why are they not covering the Republican National Convention that really does represent The End Of The World As We Know It?

Bedbugs are the reason I own a camper. For realz. I will happily contribute to global warming by driving my 8mpg truck towing my trailer that holds my own personal bed, shower and toilet. I sleep better this way. ;o)

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