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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Personally, I like snakes. Oh, and, you actually watched Live with Kelly? Are you feverish?

Daytime television (heck, most ALL television) is a frightening wasteland kind of place. You are quite the adventurer to make a quest . . . and bring back field notes for the rest of us not-quite-so-daring souls.

Thanks for the reminder of why my television remains OFF.

I despite that show. It was bad enough when Regis was on but now it's even worse!

I love following the spam bots. I have to admit of all the daytime shows, that I could watch (with only one channel on your tv, the choices are a bit limited) I find Live the most innocuous. I hope I haven't just dragged your opinion of all your lurkers down too far. I also don't watch it every day, since I'm not usually home during the day.

You watched what? Isn't the whole idea to get a reaction? Night time TV isn't much better, is it?

It was a bit more interesting when Regis was still on the show. His crankiness added a bit of color. I haven't seen it since he left though...Kelly didn't seem to be a good one to leave in charge...
Happy Tuesday!

We haven't had TV for at least 10 years. Can't say I miss it much. (For the rare things that I do want to watch - Fringe, Castle, Warehouse 13 - Hulu is quite sufficient.)
Thanks for the reminder on why we're happy we don't have a cable bill any more. 8)

Yay! I am super happy I have never even heard of that show!
Today I am trying not to freak out over nothing much! And not kill my coworkers! Success so far! (30 minutes in)

Good grief, snakes (especially in the hands of a zoo dude) are not to be feared! Since N. won't simply ditch the tv, I've limited myself to watching shows only via streaming. It helps me not wonder the same things as you!

I never thought about the difference between poisonous and venomous and tend to use them interchangeably, but on reflection I see that is inaccurate. That is my lesson for the day! I read a short story in Anthropology in college describing archaeologists excavating North America centuries after catastrophic event (like Pompeii) and they theorized that we spent many hours engaged in worshipping the TV since so many ppl were found to have been staring at one at the moment of the catastrophe.

Ugh, daytime television! Frightening!

Venomous vs. poisonous, hmmm. Must google.


Okay, got it. Rattlesnakes are venomous, poison ivy is poisonous. Never thought about that distinction before, but of course it is obvious. So the bimbo thought touching the snake would impart toxins to her hands? Sheesh.

I have never watched that show, ever. And now I never will. You may feel free to check in on it and report back, however, particularly on any further egregious examples of stoopidity.

Wait. Maybe she was afraid of salmonella? Yeah, that's it. I'd hate to think Ms. Bimbo was that stupid...

Oh my goodness. You really are in a bad way. Please seek immediate care for your illness.

You watched the whole show?

I am most concerned about your masochistic tendencies and their possible manifestations. Srsly? Kelly whatsherface???? I still think you are wonderful, but..............

They'll think it's the 1950's. TV style.

They'll also have skeletons with strange silicone bags on their chests.

Glad that you are back. Love love love yesterday's socks.

I think you should go to itunes and download the Greg Proops Smartest Man in the World podcasts (they're free) and just listen to an intelligent funny person instead of a hungry skinny lady with big white venomous teeth. That's what I did today and the gym and laughed my way through several bike miles.

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