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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Welcome back!
I absolutely love the colours in that sock. Pink and green are a much underrated combination.
20 days is a long time!

Don't know if you mean lurking readers, but I'm one of those lol. Been reading for a long time, but I'm lazy about commenting. Love the sock tho, the colors are fun.

That sock is *lovely*. Also yay, you're not dead.

Sure glad you like your lurkers because I lurk a lot!
Can you tell us what pattern you used for that sock? I like how the toe looks a lot. I confess: I have a square-ish type foot and that toe looks like it would work better for me.

I did, it makes me nervous when I haven't heard from you in a while. I expect to read about explosions. (Incidentally, my little coworker is heading to your neck of the woods this week. I wish you had time to deal with him - he could stand to have his ego deflated.)
And I do need to point out that few of us could imagine our Squish all squishy before she got squished in the cheese aisle, either.

Definitely noticed! Welcome back, and enjoy the cool days!

I noticed! I was about to send out a search party.
Pretty socks! Love the colors. :)
Hope your weather holds. We are back to hot again. Uff.

Welcome back! The blogiverse/blogosphere/whatevwordapplies has not been the same without you.

Those are such cute socks and the pattern you've chosen works beautifully with your yarn.

I can imagine.

I hope your cooler weather lasts longer than you think it will. It definitely helps with complicated life.


I thought perhaps you got lost in the stash. I'm certain I could in mine. I love the pattern, it's very cool looking. Welcome back!

Welcome back! I missed your snarky little arse. Love the sock!

Hugs!! So glad to see you! (I was about to send the sheep to find you and butt you back to the blog...)
Must hunt up Charade pattern. I need a new travel knit.

That is the cheeriest, preppiest sock I have ever seen. It's gorgeous!! How could you not be cheered up by looking at it, yet, I must agree, it isn't quite you. Of course, when I think of you, I think of a whirling vortex of pink and snark. Do you think our Joan could come up with something like that? Hugs, hunny, and happy Monday!!!!!!

I have a heart and its cockles are warm. And fuzzy, too! You were missed. Mwah!

I loved that color and wanted to keep i for myself, but knew I'd never knit it. I'm still working with yarn from 6 years ago. O.o I do love the way charades stitches pull the color. I may have to finally break down and make a pair. As soon as I finish the 3 on the needles. Thank you wonderful girl!

I am glad you are back ;)

Beautiful colorway and your knitting is stellar.

Glad you're back! Coffee just isn't the same without you!

Somehow I knew you couldn't stay away. Some people will just burst if they don't express themselves.

Love the preppy socks. I've never seen Charade but am off to look for it. Maybe I can put it in the lineup for the sock-of-the-month club for my daughter. (which I am only 2 months behind and will never do again)

So happy you are back!!!!! Love the socks!!


socks last a pretty long time

Yay! You're back!! :)

The colors of that sock really sing. Glad you're back!

I think about you every day. I haven't really missed my own blog, however. That Squishy knows her love and colors!

De-lurking. Love the socks - and the pattern.

You faker. You know we missed you. Great socks.

Beautiful sock pattern made even better by the lovely Squishy yarn!



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