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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Such a pretty color. Ritz or saltine? Happy Wednesday, Dearheart!!!

I love that color! I have my fingers crossed that you have enough yarn.

Pretty yarn! Love the pattern. I'm crossing my fingers with Carole that there is enough yarn or that you can get more...
Cute bowl too, btw.

Can I have cheese and whine with the crackers? Pretty please. The yarn did turn out lovely. You'll make it happen. You always do.

The fiber is in the pot! (And I think the color might even match)


The color is gorgeous! If you can't find more would a contrast work?

I love that! Natalie's patterns are very beautiful, so excellent choice.

If you run out of bee yellow, you can maybe add some bee black? So says the princess of running out of yarn...

I prefer popcorn ;-)

For the love of God woman! Really? Well then I will bring the wine. ;)

Oh. I like that gold color. Good luck with the yarn; here's hoping for a minor fiber miracle.

Oh, it's a toss up between cheez its and macaroni and cheese. Hmm, I'm going with Kraft. Yum!

Joan beat me to it. You know she would get it.


Did the crazy lady try a swatch? How many repeats are you doing? And what's the yardage? Great, now I'm worried.

Your spinning is amazing on that yarn!

You will finish this piece, dance around in it under the blue moon, and the honeybee crisis will be over.


But, but, but... where's the pink?

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