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Thursday, August 02, 2012


Pocket Rocket. You slay me!

::envy:: at that pretty bowl of pink floof. I'm going a little nuts from all the "hot" colours (orange, blue, pink, gold) repeating through my own spinning project, that yours looks all the more compelling for its...rosy uniformity (somewhat) :D

snake pants. I'll be pondering that one for a while...

Looks like a silk blend. Yes?

I'm not even going to comment on the word association today;-P The fibery beauty looks lovely. Is there silk in there? Happy Thursday, dumplin'.

You're making me want to shirk my knitting for the spinning.
Oh never mind, I was just looking for another excuse.

I see silk, and lace yarn, in your future. Other than that, no comment.

Even I can see that it looks like there's silk or tencel in that there fluff.

Did I ever tell you I have lotus bowls like that? A set of 3 in different sizes.

Pocket rocket, squeeze /ahem and snake pants...have you got something on your mind? Or maybe just I do!!
Pretty pink fuzz! Is it going to be laceweight yarn?

Snort. The tree tried to kill you? Or the blue sky and sunshine?

Marilyn stole my comment!! ;-)

At least mine is purple!

I actually prefer 4th Friday. Much more fun. >:^)

Bamboo and merino?

Pretty fiber...silk or bamboo?

That fiber's wonderful!

As soon as my book finishes downloading, I'm going to cook dinner and then spin. I very stupidly gave my oldest daughter a "sock of the month club" gift certificate for Christmas and I've just finished May's socks. I'm only 2 (and soon to be 3) months behind so I think I'll spin for a while tonight. I have some alpaca that I've washed and carded that's calling my name....

Hope you continue to escape it. xo

The silk is lovely...in both the fluff and the spun and plied.

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