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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


That beautiful blue sky. . . matches that beautiful blue yarn. I think it's trying to say something (although I have no idea what).

Sometimes we just spin and that's the end of it. I always say, hey I made yarn, isn't that enough??

Gorgeous sky! Our sky gave us rain last night. WooHoo! We sure needed it.
Good to know Joan is ok.
And I would too worry!

Wow. A sky after rain. Who knew? It was 107 here yesterday and going to be 103 today. The weatherdoofs have promised a break in the weather and, for their sake I hope they're right! Glad to hear Joan is doing alright. Some of us should oughta blog, huh? Hugs, Sweetie!!!!

I would!

We all need to worry about each other (and ourselves?) as summer takes it toll, let alone life in general. The blue yarn can enjoy it's life as a beautifully finished yarn. Someday it might tell you it wants to grow up. Take care, sweet pea. Joan, too. Sending hugs.

Sounds like our weather has not been too different.

Trolling for compliments again, eh? You know we'd miss you.

TTTHBBBBBPPT! I say to your death-faking.

I miss thunderstorms, we used to get good ones in Albuquerque. Lucky if we get a few far-off booms and flashes here. We used to go out and run in the rain.

I would worry! Especially with thunderstorms. I hate them! Cuddling up with likely yarn would make me feel better in a storm, I feel, though.

So glad that neither of you are dead, at least at the time you wrote that.

The yarn is there to let you dream about what you might knit, or to enjoy the colour, or to squish. Those are the excuses I've been using in my head lately.

The question here is...does the yarn need to be needed immediately? Can it just hang out in the stash for a bit, bragging to its friends about how it was spun, and how eventually it may turn into something even more gorgeous?

Then again, I have a lot of skeins of Pet Yarn... ;)

You needn't say you're not dead. An "I'm feeling better" would suffice.

Not dead yet either, just WAY behind on reading my RSS feed :-D


don't make me fly out there to smooch you just for being here.
...or rather, 'there'.
dangit, Imma to bed!

would so worry if you were gone as I just was and I'd be upset if on my return I discovered you were dead.

Glad your not.

Love the blue. It's shouting cardigan to me, btw

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