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Saturday, July 07, 2012


I only know what day it is because tomorrow is my day off...
I'm with you on the winding off of singles. If I'm messing with a bobbin of singles, I want to end up with yarn, not something that's still singles.

I can't help you figure out what day it is. I thought yesterday was Tuesday only to find out I was wrong, wrong, wrong. /sigh
Pretty yarn! Reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream. :D
Happy (whichever) day!

WOW! You're a spinning wild woman!! I love your pink. It's beautiful and delicate looking. I'm still slogging away on my Cabin Cove and will continue until it's done. Then, I'm gonna start on something of Joan's. This morning I awakened to a humming sound in my bathroom. I think that will make for an interesting weekend......even though I don't want one. And, if the bitches are hanging in your azaleas, then they aren't on your porch. We take those little gifts as they come, dumplin'. Hang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are bitches in your azaleas? Sounds like the name of a bad country song.

Sometimes checking out for a few days is the safest road to survival.

Someone is stalking you? I didn't realize you caused so much trouble in your neighborhood.
Someday your spun skeins are going to take over the world.

Bitches in the azaleas? Sounds intriguing. Lovely yarn. Of course.

Dude, I'm unemployed and stranded in Pittsburgh. I haven't know what day it is since May. Here's hoping the next week is a better one! (Whenever that is...)

Busted! I didn't think you could see me out in the azaleas....

You are a wild woman. And wild women don't get the blues -- I saw that on a poster in a friend's office. It's okay to get the crazies and the vehemently annoyed, I guess, but not the blues.

I like that yarn. Even though it's pink. Soft and smooshed-chocolate-covered-cherries pink. Mmm.

But hading in the azaleas gives me something to do!!

I swear last week was made up of nothing but Mondays, it sucked so badly.

I am all too aware of what day it is because it's day 4 of a 5 day work reprieve. One more day and then it's back to work. And I picked 5 of the hottest days of the year to take off.

I've been spinning and plying when I can stand to touch the fiber. It's disconcerting to try to eat food and find out there's fiber in it. The stuff sticks to everything when it's this hot.

Gorgeous spinning!

Can't you spray for bitches in the azaleas?

You're a crazy spinning machine. 1193 yds in 4oz? And more stuff on the way that you couldn't be bothered to take progress shots of? Crazy spinning machine.

I like the option of opting out on a week. Lord knows there are weeks I could use that! Pretty pinks! I like that shade a lot.

I wanted to burn my week to the ground. I may decide to opt out of the next 6 weeks.

This too shall pass? Even if it takes a big shove off a cliff.

I think that Natalie is right about the spray for the pests.

Your merino/bamboo/silk yarn looks lovely.

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