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Friday, July 27, 2012


Stinky still loves her minion. She plays with it almost daily. Sad to say, the green one is still MIA. I do believe you have the best catnip in the universe along with an absolutely adorable toy that I never mistake for real vermin. Both are huge pluses! You have a good weekend, dearheart.

That's a perfect kitty toy! Flavored condoms? Really?

Okay. Will be thinking "Flavored Condoms" for the rest of the day. Thanks for that. ;-)

Miss you, too. But, then maybe you were thinking of someone else? The green mean whatev is fabu! You really should write up the pattern.

yay! Mr. Crumb was carring Ms. Haley's octopus around by a leg this morning. And then he fell off of the couch and landed on her. Oops. Not good kitty bonding morning :(

Thank you again :D

Love the kitty knitting! Cute, quick and uses up old yarn. Winner!
Glad to hear there are only a few regrets. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we didn't have any...
Happy weekend to you too! :)

You know, the better angels of my nature told me to just move on past "Flavored Condoms." But the earthy angels of my nature just would not let them go. What does that say about me? And my affinity for you?

Mookie's favorite toy is an ancient (maybe 5 years?) fabric catnip slug that I occasionally refill with catnip. I should knit her a minion-ish object instead. Although I've never given her a yarn-related toy, for fear that she may think the stash is fair game. Is she smart enough to tell the difference? Hmmmmm.


re: Cheryl's comment...didn't she just release a solo porn flick?

/climbs back in my handbasket

I do need to make some of those for my Squeaks (Cinna and Ru - 5 months old sibling kittens), so I would love to purchase the pattern from you honey...

Awww...you are so very sweet to knit for the kitty cat! xo

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