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Monday, July 30, 2012


The color, the name and the yarn itself are all fabulous! I wanted Grace to be Hannah's middle name but I was vetoed. Boo.

I had a great-grandmother named Grace. But she probably wasn't as pretty as your yarn.

We knew from the beginning the day would come that Joan's batts would be a commodity.

Moments/stories of grace keep all of us going so I'm looking forward to yours "one day" ;) Thanks to you and The Joan for the Monday loveliness.

"Grace" seems to be my name today...

Such pretty yarn! Whatever it's knit into will be gorgeous.

Grace is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the Monday lift.

Great yarn - and holy amazing yardage for 3 ply.
Happy what?

Lovely shawl color, but I wonder how the nylon would hold up in lace blocking?

I read that as Act of Grape, but that's something different...lovely yarn my dear!

What about the Meat Sheep blue?!

Wow... Can't wait to see what you'll do next with it!

So very lovely. That would make a gorgeous shawl, or darned near anything!!! Hugs, grrlie!

I hate to think where I would be if there were no grace. I love the color and the spinning, and I am ultra-impressed by your ability to calculate yardage. xoxoxo

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