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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Socks! And cute socks to boot. :D
Happy Sunday!

The yarn accents the patten perfectly. I find that challenging with variegated yarns, don't you? And, if that's a mindless pattern, I might just quietly weep in my corner. Mindless to me is truly and really mindless;-P Happy Sunday back at ya!!!

Very pretty!

A new pair of socks is always exciting, at least in my world. I've knit Charade before and liked it, too.

I remember queueing that pattern ages ago, and have just never gotten around to knitting it...and here you've done it at least twice! Lovely yarn you're using as well - the pooling & flashing looks almost intentional :)

Love 'em!

I love a great pattern that works with everything. A little black dress of knit patterns! Lovely socks!

That is MY kind of sock pattern, too. I'm going to check it out! (GREAT socks. Love the color.)

Exciting? Only a little bit, but regular socks are like proof of life.

That pattern is exactly what I want in a sock pattern -- dead easy but not plain. So far my fanciest socks are either 3x1 rib or 2x2 rib. My next socks will use this stitch pattern. Thanks!

Who needs exciting, when you can have dependable?

Those are cute! I like the simple stitch pattern that breaks up the color flows. I think I've even made those socks now that I really look. Great minds and all that!

Exciting is overrated.

The green is pretty. :D As are your socks. Did you have some at the pharmacy today?

Lovely. That's my favorite shade (set?) of green, and I love the charade pattern too.

Whoa! Finished socks!?!?! That is the kind of excitement we all need. I love the color! xo

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