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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


If Cookie is ranting for ten minutes, it must be Tuesday!


There have been patterns that I've suspected the designer was drunk while designing, knitting, or writing-up. Or all three. Cuz no one would have written a pattern that way stone cold sober.
On the other hand, I've seen knitters who got confused with an instruction to 'Work k1p1 ribbing for 3 inches.' Even when it was written out for them. ("Rnd 1: *K1,p1,* repeat to end of round. Repeat Rnd 1 until work measures 3 inches." "But what about the even numbered rounds? Do I just knit them or should I purl them?")

Good luck with the pattern revisions. There should be a law that you can't sell a pattern that is stupid. It's like fraud.
Oooo, pretty purple!
Happy Tuesday!

I wish I had the confidence to know when it's the pattern and not me. Srsly. It might happen some day. We never know. Your spinning is beautiful. And, yes, ma'dear. I'm still slogging away at the Cabin Cove. I swear.....oh, never mind. Hugs, hunny!!

Seems like that shawl thing should be easy enough to "fix" by ignoring her pattern completely...

Oh dear. Knit something else and tell Joan that that is what the pattern said...must have been a misprint...heh heheee!

Yeah, that sounds like someone thinking way too hard about a pattern (the 'writer', dear, not you).

That's awfully pretty yarn you're spinning there...

Must be by a popular blogger. It burns me how some bloggers turn out a pattern a day, post and charge for them, when there has clearly never been a test nor an edit.

Damn, I love tables.
We keep an internal wiki at work and I love me some tables. WAY better than stupid bulleted lists all squished together (my coworkers enjoy bulleted & sub-bulleted lists. I find them difficult to read and follow). And both are miles better than paragraphs of text. I just want to yell at them, for Pete's sake, people, have you ever tried to follow your own directions?

I guess I just have a "special" relationship with editing.

That purple froghair is gorgeous!

I think I just knit that shawl. Send it to me and I'll do it for Joan.

I think patterns should be released into the wild for all to enjoy. Charge for them! No! They should be free, free! Especially when they're basically garter with an edging.

They don't call it Tuesday. They call it another Terrible Day. And geez louise, it's STILL Tuesday. O.M.G.

I agree with Kitten. Ignore the pattern. Knit a pretty shawl.

And what's with all the "patterns" for garter stitch scarves on Rav anyway. A scarf is a rectangle. Garter stitch is all knit. What else is there to know?

Although I'm not in the cum laudes of knitting, I feel this way about many Other Things...as you know. I think. So dammit I <3 you!

and apparently, the idea of this pattern was enough for my 7-month-old to puke. Seriously.

Spinning frog hair thing makes for a long time at the spinning wheel before you finish! I want to know what the pattern is.

You can barely see the singles there, as usual.

I find trying to keep going on the TdFleece helps me remember to upload photos, but it's only day 5 and I'm already feeling worn out. I'm only spinning. Those crazy cyclists.

I love the frog hair. I am looking forward to having things in order in my house after the power outage so that I can sit down and spin. I haven't picked up knitting needels in a week and that is a very bad thing...makes me much less pleasant to be around.

A pattern that you have to cut and paste? Sorry, I don't have time for that.
That yarn is spinning up so fine, I can barely see it. Beautiful.

Pretty purples! Ugh, taping charts together, no way! And written plus charts? Ugh.

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