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Sunday, July 22, 2012


They say spinning is good for stress relief. I imagine that's what is keeping you going these days.

Gonna make something mighty pretty some day. Hang on ,kiddle!!!!!

That is some absolutely gorgeous yarn you have there. I hope that the spinning and knitting has been helping to alleviate the stresses!

I feel your pain my sister. I was given a piece of that same pie and it sucks ass. I try to stay in the now and not think ahead. I don't have enough wine for those thoughts.

Onto the yarn lovelies! Nice color and I'm sure expertly spun. The only cakes I know how to make involve flour, sugar and eggs so kudos to you my dear.

you know I am sending oodles of cyber hugs

What a beautiful blue! At least, in the photo. Probably IRL, too. I know nothing about all of that plying stuff, so all I see is pretty yarn.

Hang in there, sweetie. Let's hope there are better days to come.

It's such pretty yarn. It'll make something gorgeous!
Wishing you and yours a better week...I'm hoping that since the weather has been a notch early all the way along maybe fall will come a tish early too. /crossing fingers.
P.S. Socks?!? You knit socks? /jk :)

I learned early on in life to keep reminding myself 'this, too, shall pass' - it's helped get me through some really bad patches. (And I mean really bad...)
In the meantime, the yarn you're making is really pretty. Spin on, sweetie.

Yeah, the TdF started with a bang and definitely ended on a whimper. I managed to get a bone bruise on my spindling finger and did something annoying to my left knee. This left me with only plying on a single treadle to end the Tour. Hope everything turns out okay, babe. I'll be thinking about you.

So, um, you could send that beautiful stuff to me and I'd count it for you. Might even send it back after (but I can't guarantee that part).

Beautiful yarn. Sorry that you are having a rough time. Lack of sleep never helps anything (ask me how I know) and sometimes the lack of sleep comes from thinking about the rough time and that makes it even worse. Hopefully the spinning and knitting is helping to keep you sane.

Beautiful (even if incorrect) blue! Somehow I imagined your wheel taking off and spinning into a literal pile of fiber in the living room. Guess that's what I get when the coffee hasn't kicked in yet :)

Wishing you a better week !
Also, that is gorgeous yarn. (I know I always say that, but I wouldn't say it if it weren't true).

You make great yarn under pressure. :)
Hope it gets better or at least tolerable. Big hugs. xxoo

My newly-formed knitting group, almost all of which has never knit socks before

(Pause for GASP)

is now prepping for a sock knitalong. One member sighed, "I wish we could use one of Cookie A's patterns. They are GORGEOUS."

I love you and would miss you terribly if you went missing too long. (I may not specifically be replying to this post... or I may be). You did a wonderful job... as usual.

Do you run on electric or batteries?

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