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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I bet that cocktail was yummy! And I love your analogy of the way your house smells, lol. I stay way away from those Ravelry boards now. First, I have no time any more, and second, it keeps my blood pressure down!

I miss all the interesting stuff on Rav. How's life with the remote going?

Your drink looks fantastic!
I try very hard to avoid drama in general and particularly online but sometimes seeing (NOT being in) the real crazy stuff makes for good entertainment.
I hope your week improves:)

Wow, this is news to me, I thought *yesterday* was Wednesday. I've gained a whole new day! ...or I just have to live through Wednesday twice...

I can understand editing a post such that it only reads "edited by mod Annimol for group rule violation", but it would have to be pretty inflammatory for me to do that. But my first step would be to make a public declaration, replying to the *thread* that X, Y, and Z behavior is not tolerated and people should edit their shit. If they carried on beyond that, I'd give 'em a time out. Sigh. So glad we don't need to deal with that garbage! (yet)

The drink looks luscious!
Things can get pretty heated at Ravelry...I thought all that knitting and crocheting was supposed to make everyone mellow.
Happy Wednesday!

You have invented the most fabulous refreshing summer cocktail ever!!!! I am so gonna make one. Now, to find the lime bars. I don't ever see the drama on Ravelry. I miss it every time. I'm so clueless;-P I'm totally aware that it's Hump Day. I live for Friday in my little corner of the world. Hugs, dumplin'.

You had a drink? With alcohol in it? Really?
It must be a heck of a week.

I always miss the good drama :o(

You may have ruined Lime Fruit Bars for me because I have nothing interesting to mix in with them.


Also - remind me to send you some Citric Acid so it smells like sheep drinking Koolaid in a steam bath.

That has been my experience for the passage of time this week, too. That drink looks fabulous!

I can't wait to see everything after it has dried.

I think I'm glad I missed that thread. My brainz cannot take it right now.


There are soooo many things to do with those bars. Just sayin'. And I am totally not judging after what I did the other night with some Popsicles.

So it was Tonic Tuesday! And now it's Wodka Wednesday. Fantastic.

And dying of curiosity re: Rav. Also dying of the visual/smellsual of the sheep eating a salad in a steam bath. I really don't think kool-aid is going to improve that much.

I mod some groups, but the people are fabulous and I have never had to use the mod tools. Amazing when the crazy just pops out and everyone is sort if looking at one another like wtf?

Yeah, all day yesterday I was wondering where Dear Margo was, and why it was last Friday's post, and then I realized it was only Tuesday. Weep.

Wednesday is a suck day.

You can have all the lime popsicles if I can have all the lemon ones...

I was just thinking about getting meself an icy glass of white wine, and I see that luscious green concoction. Vodka and lime bars in the blender, is that how you do it? I might need to get some more fruit bars, but I will have to hide them from Smokey. I think he ate 7 out of 8 in the last box.

Nice looking drink - a good reward for all that plying. Once I'm done my work here I'm going to reward myself with a little something, but it won't be that pretty. I need to buy provisions and take advantage of my amazing blender this summer, clearly.

Crazy drama. Being busy is keeping me from noticing all the fun.

It's like that sherbet punch they used to serve at kid birthday parties, only soooo much better.

I don't read the boards much, so I miss all the drama. The few groups I belong to (that I even try to keep up with) tend to be pretty undramatic. Someday if I'm bored enough (like that could happen) I'll make some popcorn and ask for directions to the latest train wreck...

Now you got me thinking about brandy and that Hagan Daaz chocolate bar in the freezer.

No judgement til I've tried a sample. Or two.

That little green cocktail? looks yummy to me and I just happen to have a couple of the lime bars left AND a bit of vodka. although no tonic. I also have some pineapple bars. I love them so.
Also.. the socks hanging to dry was a delightful sight.
Tacos. I always want tacos.
Haven't been on Ravelry much, and when I am I forget there's drama to stalk. :D
The lovely encounter with the Practical Knitter... beyond The Best.

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