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Friday, June 15, 2012


Chickens in the burbs? Really?
You're maybe just in the summer knitting doldrums. Or maybe it's time to try a new craft...I've been thinking of doing some embroidery for a change of pace.
Have a good weekend!

Yep, summer doldrums. You need to do something goofy for a while. Like, knit hats for chickens.

You can't possibly be over the knitting, I won't stand for that. I'm pretty sure you have lots of lovely yarn at home and that's why you didn't want to buy anything. And - a moth in the yarn section? YIKES!

Hey, maybe the chickens took the remote!

Did you check your purse for the remote? That's where a lot of stuff ends up at my house. o.O

I still love Noro, despite everything.

I'm glad you had a mostly good week and yay for friends. :D

Green bowls? Must investigate!


You just need to dig to the bottom of your freezer. I'll bet you'll find something new (and moth free).

Getting jealous of the Squish and her facebooked chickens, aren't you? My dad buys his eggs from the teenager next door who keeps chickens. I am pretty sure he could tell when his order is ready, because chickens seem to make a lot of noise when they're a-layin'.

A LYS visit without a yarn purchase. I'm impressed.

Good luck with the chicken hunt. Around here they're available in the spring at localish hardware stores. (Biggish store not Home despot or Lowe's)

If you just want eggs stalk the farmer's market and ask everyone who is there.

I'll bet there are lots of chickens in the burbs. It IS northern California after all and we're all about organic. What's more organic than a chicken in the yard?

Knitting mojo comes in fits and starts and it is wicked HOT where you are so it's not too surprising that you're not feeling the knitting love. Me either and I'm a good bit cooler on my side of the hill. Just go with it.

P.S. Just steal the bowl. They won't mind.

According to a Logitech survey on where people found their lost TV remotes:

49% found the remote in the couch
8% found it in the bathroom
8% in a dresser drawer
4% in the fridge/freezer
2% have found the remote outside or all the way out in the car

As for the Panera bowl, they wouldn't give it to you if they didn't want you to take it.

Hee. There's even a WikiHow on how to find a lost remote:

I'm sorry about the remote. Neither one of us need any more yarn. Roving is another thing. I'm so sorry about the lack of rest, but spending time with dear friends is so good for the soul. And, I can guarantee that Panera can afford to buy another bowl or 12;-P Go for it!! Hugs, Dearheart.

You know your stash is good when you go to the LYS and think everything at home is better!

Time spent with good friends improves the whole week.

Fingers crossed the remote shows up or you can find a replacement.

I'm coming out of my hiding spot to let you know I dream of a life of crime too! I also want to "collect" enough Panera green bowls for my cabinet but don't tell anyone 'cause the police will know where to find them!!!:-)

I haven't walked into a LYS lately & just fallen in love. I think because I'm trying to be responsible! lol Bought a couple skeins for Thing 1 & Thin 2 hats for the twins but that was because I didn't have the colors & I received a gift card!

Is this the same Panera with the drive thru? Is that why you've never been inside?


wishing my Panera had a drive thru

I love those bowls at Panera too. Go with the large purse...that's what they were made for ;^)

Over. Knitting.

Over. Knitting.


It's probably temporary.

I am shocked at the number of commenters telling you to steal the Panera bowl. Most of it is probably tongue-in-cheek, but really. Just steal whatever you want? C'mon people, get with the program!

[/crotchety self-righteous rant]

Suburban California is probably prime hunting ground for chickens, but this is the wrong season unless you want to buy a few adult laying hens from somebody's flock. The time to buy chicks is early spring; I know this because I grew up on a farm and my mother, in the fine tradition of farm wives everywhere, raised chickens.

Your week ran away with mine and are touring the world like Thelma and Louise. Or not. :D It'll come back to rights again.

I think that time is just shriveling up and disappearing in the heat.

I think I'll delete that coupon from Michael's just in case to keep my yarn safe.


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